The highest brick stone church in the world

As you know, we like to showcase 3D modelers and their work, and today’s example is excellent. His name is Tobias Merk, and one of his creations is the Church of St. Martin in Landshut, Germany. This church is the largest brick building in the world that was made without any steel supports, reaching nearly 430 feet tall.


To go along with the model, Tobias also created this YouTube video that shows it off a bit more:

To see it for yourself, simply turn on the “3D Buildings” layer and fly there using this KML file, or check out the building in the Google 3D Warehouse.
Even better, his work has inspired the town to build other 3D models and now they’ve started a project with students to model important areas of the town in 3D. More info can be found on their website.
The one thing missing from this church model is other 3D models around it to give it some life, so hopefully this project will get that going.
Nice work Tobias!

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  1. MeMyselfAndPi says:

    That is a great piece of art. But if a 3D building designer in Google Earth is willing to take so much time to make the building, why don’t they make the ground around it look better too? Here you can zoom really close to the building & see the detail of the bricks, & you look done & see a really blurry ground.

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