The Berlin Solar Atlas project

As costs continue to drop, solar energy keeps becoming a more and more viable option for homes and businesses to save money and help protect the environment. The new “Solar Atlas Berlin” is trying to push that forward in their city, by allowing people to view the “solar potential” of various buildings. They have 14,300 roofs in the system right now, and plan to cover all of Berlin later this autumn.


While most of their content is in German (it’s intended primary for residents of Berlin, of course), they’ve converted a good bit of it into English. Update: Including this most recent update.
You can read about the project here, or view a very information PDF here.
If you want to jump directly to the KMZ file, here it is.
As you’ll see in the KMZ file, they’ve included quite a lot of information, with extra information about the city (museums, etc), growth sectors (music, automotive, etc) and various other tools.
Have you considering add solar equipment to your home or business? Would you use Google Earth in some way as part of the process?

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