Nice updates to the Tuvalu Visualization Project

A while back, we told you about the Tuvalu Visualization Project, which is a visualization that was put together to “present the real situation of Tuvalu, to improve the interest in Tuvalu, and to receive feedback from all over the world.”


At that time, it was simply a KMZ file that you could download. Now they’ve added a version using the Google Earth Plug-in and it has some nice new features.
Along with now being accessible from your browser, one of the new features is that you can send a message to a Tuvaluan from one of the pop-up balloons that appear when you click on someone. Your message will be delivered to that person via email, and a blue line will be drawn on the globe from your location to theirs. They’re using the MaxMind Geolocation database to determine your location based on your IP address. It looks pretty cool:

To try it for yourself, simply head over here and give it a shot.

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