Lots of great Geo tools at the University of Exeter

We’ve covered a variety of universities on this site in the past, such as some amazing 3D buildings at Northeastern University and Bowling Green.
Now, thanks to Darren Davies (@darrendotcom), we’ve become aware of all of the great geo-related tools being used by the University of Exeter.
Some of their creations include:
• An interactive map of the Streatham Campus. Nothing remarkable here, but it’s a very solid use of the Google Maps API:


• An augmented reality browser using the popular “Layar” browser on iPhone and Android:

• A Google ‘mymap’ with 3D content:
• Finally, we have the campus modeled in excellent 3D, including quite a few trees to help add more depth to it:

To view it in 3D, you can view the St. Lukes campus in the 3D Warehouse, view the Streatham campus in the 3D Warehouse, or just fly there in Google Earth using this KML file to see it all for yourself.
What other cool stuff have you seen schools or universities create using Google Earth?

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Mickey has been using Google Earth since it was released in 2005, and has created a variety of geo-related sites including Google Earth Hacks. He runs a web design firm in Marietta, GA, where he lives with his wife and two kids.


  1. That’s really cool, though the cars are a bit flat. This image looks like it came out from a video game. 🙂 If I had time to spare, I’d like to do this on our neighborhood. Something that my friends would buzz about.

  2. When I watching at this i thinking what a technology we will have in 10 ears.

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