How often does Google update the imagery in Google Earth?

This is a question that we get asked a lot, so hopefully this post will help clear things up.
The short answer is that Google usually updates imagery twice a month, typically around the 6th and the 20th of each month. We highlight all of those updates on the site as soon as we’re aware of them, like the one we recently covered on September 21.
Each update covers a very small portion of the globe. For example, the United States might seen 4-6 cities updated, or perhaps a single state, and other countries receive similar minor updates. As part of each update, Google releases a KML file that shows all of the updated areas with red outlines, like this:


As a general rule, Google tries to keep every area updated to within around three years old, but that’s not always possible. However, if your area is more than three years old, it’s likely that Google is working on updating it soon.
That being said, we have no idea which areas will be updated next. We get a lot of specific questions such as “when will the imagery in Spokane, Washington be updated again?”. I promise you, we have no idea. The exception to that is when there is a major disaster, such as the earthquake in Haiti or the wildfires in Boulder, Colorado. During and after an event like that, Google posts fresh imagery as quickly as they possibly can to assist in providing useful information to emergency workers and concerned residents of the affected areas.
Lastly, don’t forget about the historical imagery. We recently showed you how the historical imagery is often fresher than the default imagery, so if you want to see the newest imagery of a particular location, the historical imagery tool might be your answer.
If you’re curious about the process used to capture and present the imagery in Google Earth, this detailed post that Frank wrote last year will be very helpful for you.

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  1. They also try to update countries which are going to host some sport or any kind of big events in the near future. While it’s still not the whole country one can be sure that the cities hosting events would be updated.

  2. A KML automatically arrives in my Places panel with all the latest imagery updates, and I think this is the service offered in the Google Earth Gallery
    Earlier updates can also be retained in Places.
    The imagery in an outlined area is often quite varied. Sometimes there is a precise tie up with a uniform patch of new high res, but sometimes to a patchwork presumably from separate sources, new but not necessarily of the same date (?) More background info from Google would be helpful.

  3. PaSKud — Great point about major events! They certainly update imagery (and often Street View as well) before major events such as the Olympics and the World Cup.

    • They haven’t update long Island bahamas in 7 years which I really need a update for long island bahamas

    • I think this blog is very misleading. I know for certain there are very few, if any, updates in the UK outside major cities. The house I USED to live in still has the van of the guy who installed the windows at that property, and that was 11 years ago. The home I live in now (45 miles from the first one mentioned); the cars parked in the drive on Google Earth are from 2 occupants ago, so the images are at least 9 years old. I think Google Earth is very US centric, and the rest of the world remains stuck at the turn of the last century.

      • Elizabeth says

        Not true I live in the US and we added onto our house more than five years ago. We bought it more than six years ago, yet, Google maps shows images from previous owners living here. In less than 30 days from now the image of my house would be a minimum of 7 years to a maximum of 11 years old as I’m not sure of the time frame they took this picture but the previous owners were here for five years. I often check because my kids are so excited to possibly see the dog in the yard or may even themselves or just anything of us being at our house like one of our vehicles being home, etc.

        • Timothy Whitehead says

          The date shows in the status bar at the bottom of Google Earth (the desktop version).

      • Kelly Tovornik says

        My home in NC…in the United States… has been updated several times in the past 5 years yet the house that I live in now (in SC) still shows images from 2012. We’ve lived here for 2 years I would love to know how they chose their updated spots.

        • Some places are updated a lot more frequently. My place of work in Kansas city shows it after the parking lot was reconstructed two years ago. That google earth image was taken sometime in the last two years

          • I don’t understand in my little town of Lawrenceburg Kentucky they’ve updated within the last 2 to 3 months we had lines painted on the pavement for parking spaces at the car dealership I work at and they show on Google Earth now so it had to have been within the last 2 to 3 months and we’re a tiny little town

  4. and there are parts that does not have high resolution imagery what so ever, when some other parts might get updated twice in a single year.
    and some parts are left with the first update of the high resolution imagery which, of course, has become 8-9 years old now.

  5. Davin Peterson says

    I’m pleased to see that my church’s building that was built in 2007 finally shows up on Google Maps and Google Earth. The last time I checked, all I saw was a piece of land where the church now stands.

  6. In the Northern Alberta City of Grand Prairie, the images are 6 to 7 years old. This is a very fast growing City, with several dozen new neighborhoods not visible. Street View however, has images throughout these “nonexistant” areas of town.

  7. New imagery in Venezuela:
    -Sur de Barcelona, Anzoatequi
    -Oeste de Upata, Bolivar
    -Cumanacoa, Succre

    • Wroman.. hey, do you know something about the street view in venezuela? Some ppl told me we used to have sv but im checking and there isnt sv in vzla. Please.

  8. Some of the images I have viewed are very old. For example I’ve been at our house for 4 years and it shows other cars in the driveway and yard looks somewhat different.

  9. Please update the area of Teresopolis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where mudslides buried 800 people and changed the look of the town forever.

  10. The Outer Banks needs updating. It’s been around four years.

  11. The Minot, ND area needs to be updated. The images are 4 years old.

  12. I live in Bradford, Ontario, Canada. 2004 is the latest image year they have of the area. Toronto’s latest image year is 2003, which is close to where I live. I’d like to know the reason why it’s taking so long for them to update some of these areas.

  13. Nevermind. Made a mistake. Latest image date I see for Bradford and Toronto is 2009.

  14. Steven Crosslin says

    So would it be fair to say that depending on what is going on around the United States and within each state, i.e. disasters, major construction etc.. those areas may get updated more so than others?

  15. There is a group of us who were wondering if the Kenai Peninsula, Homer AK will ever be updated? It was 2003 the last time. It isn’t a disaaster area but it would be nice to keep current.

  16. nd across from Homer, the Halibut Bay date shows 1996. Is that 3-year rule a bit of hit-and-mis?

  17. Adrian Tyrrell says

    A disappointing response as my area of the SW of the UK hasn’t been updated for around 4 1/2 years and Google earth is now so out of date it seriously limits the usefulness and credibility of it as anything other than an educational application.
    Since the original images were taken there has been a new supermarket built, several new major roads and numerous new buildings so Google Earth now “misrepresents” the town & area i live in and certainly cant be used for anything serious.
    Shame, i loved it when it first came out!

    • I agree, I moved to the East Midlands in 1998, I have just searched my house and it still shows images of the hire car we had when we moved up here. We only had that car for 3 months lol. The village next to us (15min walk away) has had more recent updates, about 5 years i’m guessing, coz that is how long the new supermarket has been there, There is 3 new supermarkets that have opened. I Don’t see the point in this app anymore, It doesn’t serve any real purpose anymore.

  18. Cameron Murning says

    Scotland (especially fife) need to be updated the images there are almost 12 years old 🙁

  19. Gosh, the map of Google Earth of my place was nearly 6 years ago!
    How could there be no updates when I’m using Google Earth 6?
    I’m living in Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia.

  20. Could the southern coast part of mainland Papua New Guinea be updated? The imagery is never clear.
    It would be of great help in updating this area of the map to aid in defining exploration boundaries.
    Thank you.

  21. Eden village housing estate, Sittingbourne, Kent, United Kingdom has not been updated in a few years. The estate has been complete for a couple of months now but the image only shows it half completed and incorrect data is supplied. I have reported this to lots of places, got a response saying they’ve checked it out and resolved the issue, when they haven’t. Please can you update it. 🙂

  22. I live in Bendigo Australia, and when I look at the image date is says 2/9/2007.
    Do you have any idea why this image is so old and when it will be updated?

  23. The image from Cleveland Ohio is fromSaturday April 7th 2012 in the afternoon. I know this because of the local construction, the fact that there is a baseball game at progressive field with the opening day banners on the field. Because there are few cars in the parking lots around the Cleveland Clinic it’s a weekend but not many near churches but some near some banks it makes it a Saturday. Because there are players on the field but some shadows it probably between 1 and 3 pm. Probably closer to 1 based on how many people are still in the stands at the baseball game. That was fun!

  24. Wayne Sadler says

    Why is the imagery for Spaulding Co. Ga. so old? The imagery date is 2008 with the historical date of 2009? Thanks in advance

  25. John Gacesa says

    I built a new home in the fall of 2003 and it still doesn’t exists. I live in a suburb of Harrisburg, PA.(Hummelstown)

  26. Hello
    I love going into google map, the only thing I noticed that I have been about 5 years ago to Cape Verde(Sal)but your map has not been updated so far, I have recently been there & there’s alot of improvement in that place, can someone please look into this, its an upcoming hotspot for tourists.

  27. Tristan Nathaniel says

    When is Antigua and Barbuda going to be updated. The landscape and housing has dramatically changed. Places where you have empty plots, structures have been erected. Also people who use geo-tagging, can these pictures of places be used to update google earth?

  28. The image for the area where I live was updated last on 09/16/2005. Is there somewhere I can email to request an updated image?

  29. Would love to see Penticton, B.C. updated. It has been at least seven years.

  30. I don’t know when the last time my area was updated, I look at my address and there’s 3 vehicles that I owned, but not at the same time. I find that really hard to believe.

  31. I’d like to see the Peloponnese in Greece updated as there has been so much new road development and facilities there

  32. Can the area’s around the controversial Tar Sand Pipeline (Transcanada Keystone XL Pipeline) from Canada to Texas?

  33. Ilove this website its totally awesome I live in Brockington, Saskatchewan,Canada can u guys and women who work there update my area it hasnt been updated for quite a while I really hope that someone reads this lol thnx for your time !

  34. WHen will you update the images of the Jersy Shore?

  35. Will you update the images of the Jersy Shore? As you stated up above “The exception to that is when there is a major disaster, such as the earthquake in Haiti or the wildfires in Boulder, Colorado” and there has been a disaster in NY and in NJ. So please update the images.

  36. Please post real time photos of the NJ Shore Coast Line. The Navy, Coast Guard and police are stopping people from getting onto the Barrier Islands to check their homes. It may be weeks before we’re allowed back on. Any updated photos to check our homes would be appreciated. The NOAA satellite images are okay but we would like to get a bit closer to view… THANK YOU~!

  37. Dear Sir,
    My village name is Patvihir in Taluka Kalvan Dist Nashik Maharashtra has last updated in 16 June 2009, It will be a great help if the area is updated now.
    DT Bhoye

  38. Volcan, Chiriquí, Panama is dated December 31, 1969, FORTY YEARS OLD a very low resolution photo also. Go up the road a few kilometer and Paso Ancho is dated 2002, more than Ten Years Old. Lots of Americans, Canadians and Europeans live in this area.

  39. caroline bong says

    Since 2001, I’ve never seen a single update by Google to their images of Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia. The present image shown is still those 2001 and is therefore misleading to people outside our state. I considered Google satelite map as woes than useless.

  40. I know for fact my area is at least 8 months old.

  41. The area i live in hasnt changed on google earth i work in a building that was knocked down 4 years ago but its still on google earth as being there

  42. Boise hasn’t been updated since 2007-2008. My house was done in July of 2008 and downtown was July of 2007. I notice some cities getting updated constantly.

  43. Mozambique is still a third world country. However, beautiful coastines, but between Maputo and towns thereafter, there haven’t been any upgrades for over 7 years. Roads that are now tarred show up as non driveable sand roads, which makes it very difficult to plan vacations on this route. Maybe just one upgrade every 7 years would be very welcome.

  44. Here in Buckinghamshire in England, my area is now over 10 years old in the map view.
    Googlemaps is effectively useless with such a slow update procedure.
    The streetview is only about 4 or 5 years old, so that’s not so bad. But ofourse it doesn’t marry up to streetview, rendering it pointless.
    It’s a shame, since it could potentially be a wonderful resource if implemented properly…
    Strange how Google have let it slip in this way.

    • Martin Johnson says

      Interestingly enough Apple Maps has very up to date aerial maps of the UK.
      Funny that.

    • archangelmichael2 says

      Google cares more about spying on people and cooperating with big brother government which both Google and big brother strangely enough are going thru big scandals. Not that it’s new news as most of us survivalists who are not asleep at the wheel have seen the writing in the wall since the 80s.

  45. They should really update Sydney AUS now. It’s still 1/1/09. Any news on that?

  46. i just really wanna know how often does the street view update and i cant get that info anywhere

  47. BS. The Google Earth pic of our Italian property was taken at least before May 2008, when its appearance changed radically (like the addition of a pool).
    Incidentally, is this the same Google that penalises you if you don’t keep your website up-to-date ?

  48. archangelmichael2 says

    Not often enough to be useful for anything! LOL

  49. I call BS. My car I sold almost 2 years ago is still in my yard according to google maps…

  50. I would like to see them change it up at least once per season.. Ilike checking out my Missouri hunting area and water level of area lakes and ponds

  51. They haven’t updated Kawerau, in New Zealand, since 2/2002 (12 years ago), what’s the point of using Google Earth if the imagery is so out of date?

  52. Why hasn’t the maps for Louisville, Ms been updated since it has been declared a major disaster area?!

  53. Sicamous, B.C. is known as the “Houseboat Capital of Canada” and is a summer destination spot but Google Earth is dated 2004.
    It’s embarrassing to list our condo for rent when all anyone can see in the imagery is a swamp!

  54. Come on Google, get your act together. It would seem you are supporting your competitor !

  55. theodore athans says


  56. We’ll the image of my house and my parents house is about 10 years old

  57. marilynn munoz says

    The pictures of my house are at least 5 years old. What gives?

  58. According to Google Earth “some areas are updated twice a month??” What area is that I wonder,picture of my parents house is about 10 years old, and seriously like most people wrote here what is the point of having “Google Earth”, may as well take picture, hang on the wall and save space on hard drive and come back 5 years later to see if anything changes

  59. Google Earth is OK if you live in the USA. The view of my house in Plymouth UK has not changed in 14 years.

    • Timothy Whitehead says

      The aerial imagery in Plymouth UK, varies in age from about 2005 to 2010. Street View ranges from 2009 to 2014.
      Google Earth didn’t exist 14 years ago as it is currently only 9 years old.

  60. John Sroufe says

    The Talkeetna Mountains in Southcentral Alaska have had the same snow cover since I can’t remember when. Having made many hikes deep into the Talkeetnas I can tell you that during the late spring, summer and early fall there is no snow on the ground. Please update the imagery.

    • Timothy Whitehead says

      The reasons why you have not seen much in the way of updates for that region include:
      – Mountains tend to be snowy for much of the year, making them very hard to photograph.
      – Mountains tend to be cloudy much more often than lower altitudes are, again, this makes them hard to photograph.
      – The steep slopes on mountains can make it difficult to get good imagery from an oblique angle. Satellite imagery is often not taken from directly overhead. This is not a big problem on flat land, but can be quite noticable for mountains and cities with tall buildings.
      – Very few people live there or go there, making the motivation for photographing them much lower.
      – There are very few economic activities there which also reduces the motivation for photographing them.

  61. maikeli raiwalui says

    the shopping center i work at its aerial photo is out of date because the center underwent a major expansion. and redevelopment of the outdoor dining area that has been completed since the the last
    upated image which is now 3d laser imagery

  62. Melbourne appears to still be in 2005 mode.
    The zoo still has its seal enclosures being built..
    Any update of Melbourne soon?

    • Timothy Whitehead says

      The default imagery for Melbourne Zoo is dated Jan 2009 and is aerial imagery. However, if you look at the historical imagery there is plenty of more recent imagery including August 15th 2014. The more recent imagery is satellite imagery which is lower resolution than the 2009 aerial imagery – hence Google’s decision to show the older higher resolution imagery.

  63. The way i understand it, there are only 2 kinds of images in Google Earth (concerning to the resolution) – either low resolution, or high resolution. IS THIS CORRECT?

    And… if my statment above is correct, is it expected that, at some point, the whole globe will be shown in high resolution? And… (one more!) … IF it will be all Hi-resolution, do you have any idea about WHEN it’s going to happen?

    Greetings from Brazil………… 🙂

    • Timothy Whitehead says

      Google Earth gets imagery from various sources and each set of imagery is of a different resolution. The lowest resolution comes from satellites, but different satellites have different resolutions, so there is quite a range of resolution even within satellite imagery. The highest resolution imagery is aerial imagery taken from aircraft, and the resolution depends on the cameras used. It is impossible to predict when the whole world will have high resolution imagery, but if you look at my recent post on animating historical imagery you will notice that the acquisition of imagery is accelerating over time and there are various new satellites being launched which will dramatically increase the rate of acquisition. However, the highest resolution aerial imagery is very expensive and it is unlikely that anyone will pay to photograph the whole globe by that method in the near future.

      • Thanks for answering, Timothy – it has been useful for me, to understand better the way Google Earth works.
        Carlos Frederico ‘Kiko’ Campos, from Belo Horizonte (city), Minas Gerais – MG (state) in Brazil

  64. I emailed a correction to Google about the cross road errors on g earth . my address is 2248 slegers road Fort Garland Colorado. The image has the wrong cross road listed at my location. This caused my trespass on to the wrong property. Please update

  65. Thea Fiala says

    Our Area in Villieria, Pretoria, South Africa, 0186, was last updated in 2009. I do not even recognize my own Property

  66. I Really Love “Geoogle Earth”. But I’m Very Hurt & Disappointed That Our Picture On Our Hose Are Way Back 4/1/12 Or There About’s. Almost 3 Weeks Ago , I Put , My Free & Clear Home Up For Sale. On MLS Listing , It Isn’t Looking Anything , Like My Home Is Today. Not To Cool , Trying To Sell Our Home & Pictures Are About 3 Yrs. Old. When Or Do You Ever Chanage Of Up Date Them? 14600 King Canyon Rd.,Victorville,Calif 92392 . Please Feel Free To Look For All Your Selfs. Home Owner , Trying To Sell His Home, Too Many Up Grades To It, Old Picture Makes Our Home Look , Like Crap. Thank You , Geoogle Earth” God Bless.

    • I’ve Been Told What Might Be A Some What Tipical Answer Or Responce That You Just Gave Me In This E-Mail. But Hey Let’s Face It, We Bought Our Home Or Property On Or About 3/5/12 & The Pictures Or Geoogle Earth Info Hasn’t Ever Been Chanaged Or Up Dated. And We Are In The Middle Of This Home Up For Sale Or MLS. But Thanks To The Out Dated Photo’s Or Pictures Post. Nobody Can Or Has Seen The Big Difference From 3/5/12 To Present Date & Time Look Of Our Home. (12/06/14) , So My Simple Question Or Inquire Is? When Or Will My Home Pictures Ever Be Up Dated? Sam Yaw 14600 King Canyon Rd.,VictorVille,Calif 92392 ….! I Realilize You All Are Extreamly Busy , But It Would Be Ever So Greatly Appreceated If My Home Address & Pictures Are Up Dated . If For Nothing Else, That , Prespective Buyer’s Can See What Our Home Looks Like Now Almost 3 Years Later From Your Very Old Pictures On Our Home Address.!

  67. The google earth satellite images of my area in Paranaque City, the Philippines is more than 5 years old. There are two new houses in front of my house while the google map images still show two empty lots. Very disappointing Google.

    • FYI: My Old Home Picture Of My Address In Question Hasn’t Been Either Up Dated Or Chanaged Sence Way Back In About 3/5/12 & It Is Now 12/06/14 Almost 3 Years Later. Home Is Up For Sale & Nobody Can Truely See What Our Beautifull Home Looks Like After All The Time & Money & Energy We Spent On It Over The Past Year’s. Could Some One Look It Up & See For Your Selfs , What I’m Trying To Say & See For Your Selfs. Nowhere In The Ball Park On Current Pictures Of Our Home Now On “MLE” For Sale…!
      14600 King Canyon Rd.,VictorVille,Calif 92392
      Love Geoogle Earth But Extreamly Hurt Or Disappointed Our Home & Pictures Aren’t Current & Up Dated. Nor Has Anybody Truely Bothered To Look For Them Self’s And Up Dated It, “PLEASE”…! We Spect Over $100,000 Dollars On It & It Still Looks Like “CRAP” , Like When We Bought It Back In 3/5/12 Not today “12/06/14”

      • Timothy Whitehead says

        I recommend you take some pictures of it yourself using Photo Sphere

        • FYI: I Have Quiet A Few Pictures I Took. But I’m Not That Computer Or Techie Type To Know What To Do With Them Or Where To Put Them Or Post If I’m Understanding What Your Asking, Me? Isn’t It Something “Geoogle Earth” Is Actually Suppose To Do Preieodicly On Thier Own? Who Do I Call Or Write At Geoogle Earth About my Interest Or Concern Of Home Photo’s?

          • Timothy Whitehead says

            Google may or may not update your area at some point in the future. They do not do so on request.
            To take your own photos, download the PhotoSphere app to an Android or IOS cell phone and take 360 degree photos with it. Just follow the instructions in the App.

          • Thank You For The Responce Back To My Issue Or Concern. FYI: I’m In Between Cell Phones And Not To Tech Savie As They Say. Not Sure When & If I Can Afford One To Try Your ID OR Thoughfull Sujestion If I Can Even Figuar It Out. God Bless.

        • hi can you help me how can get last update to map from this page

  68. Hans Heintz says

    Utrecht netherlands shows images of ‘hogeweide’ yellow bridge lying beside the water ready to be placed (52°05’36.41″ N 5°04’33.71″ O). It was placed in 2007…

  69. The Bay of Islands New Zealand looks like a patch-work quilt.

  70. SamYaw – Yaaaaaaaaawn

  71. Seem Google is lacking on updating would be nice to have a update in Sprague river Oregon 97639

  72. Canberra Australia hasn’t been updated for 7 years

  73. when was the last time you updated Antartica?

  74. Astounding. The blog explicitly states that there’s no way of knowing when updates will be made, it also states there’s no facility to request updates. What do we see in the comments section? Only post after post of people wanting to know when updates are going to be made and requests for their corner of the planet to be updated.

    People, Google Earth is a service provided free of charge, but it is not free to maintain. There are a finite number of Google cars and the satellite data is sourced at Google’s cost from third parties (Ball Aerospace I believe). Perhaps some perspective is called for in place of the self entitlement I see exercised here, certainly it might pay to read the blog comment a little more closely before insisting that your personal requirements of this free service trump all other considerations.

  75. W.Cameron says

    I manage a property in Caversham Western Australia, I did a extension just on two years ago, It still doesn’t show on Google earth.
    It is the same as GPS it sends all my Clyne tel to the wrong area,
    So much for technology.

    • My home and local areas have changed completely when was it shows everything I see 2005-2007??! Also when was the last time you updated Google Earth for Australia? Other then that 1 bug I love Google earth

  76. Joe Tonner says

    Christchurch NZ had major earthquakes in 2010 and 2011 the current Google Street views are pre- earthquakes , that is 2009 or earlier. ??? So 6 years later the street views may as well be of another city in another country.

    • Dave Scott says

      We live in Christchurch to , as you say all pretty earthquake 2010 -2011 I hope that they get their act together & update our city soon , Dave

  77. Google maps and Google Earth for Cuenca, Ecuador haven’t been updated for YEARS. These two websites are cursory at best,

    • Timothy Whitehead says

      Be sure to check ‘historical imagery’. The northern half of Cuenca has an image from January 2015.

  78. My problem is i see different contents in different installations. The city of Bilbao seems to be updated in my mates computer but not in mine, with all the buildings made in 3d. No matter if i install the last version the content is still the old one in my computer and wonder why. 🙁

    • Timothy Whitehead says

      Make sure you have the ‘3D Buildings’ layer turned on. If you are using Google Earth Pro, also turn on the ‘Terrain’ layer. Then in ‘Tools->Options->3D View->Terrain’ ensure that ‘Use 3D Imagery’ has been checked.

  79. Vicki Lollis says

    It’s been EIGHT years since ya’ll have done a satellite image in Summerfield, NC. Please update it soon….and please take images IN THE SPRINGTIME – april/may! so my yard doesn’t look so BARE!!!!
    Thank you.

    • Timothy Whitehead says

      Base imagery there is from 2013. There is also a satellite image from 2014 in ‘historical imagery’. Or am I looking at the wrong Summerfield?

      • Vicki Lollis says

        Hmmm. I looked at the imagery from Summerfield Road (our little downtown) and it was updated in 2013…but if you look at Windspray Drive, it shows 2007! Our neighborhood has about 70 homes. Looks like my area was left out.
        And when I look at historical imagery, I can’t seem to get a street view of my home.Just a view from overhead. Thanks you.

  80. Vicki Lollis says

    It seems that the main roads were updated like 220 N and 150 W…but the side roads were not. And semi-main roads like Brookbank Rd. are updated but the neighborhood side roads are not. Like Snow Hill Dr, Poplar Forest Rd, and Henson Farm Rd not updated either.

  81. andrew lewandowski says

    colorado springs mountain shadows neighborhood hasn’t been updated since 2011.. please update.. it would be nice to see the new homes since waldo canyon fire.

  82. Patrick Dooley says

    At least America is getting updates every so often, however Metro Manila the capital of Philippines is 5 years old now.. this is a METROPOLIS… guys please update every bit of it soon.. i know it hard bcuz of clouds and stuff there but SRSLY. 5 years in a city bigger than Bangkok.

  83. hi. why do i have an orange border around the city im looking at and it says acquired august 6, 2015? and outside that orange border, everything is HD while the map within the orange border looks so crappy.

    • Timothy Whitehead says

      Without knowing which city, I can’t tell you much. However the orange border suggests you have the ‘Voyager->Satellite imagery updates’ layer turned on. It is possible that Google has replaced older aerial imagery with a newer satellite image. If so, try looking in ‘historical imagery’ for older imagery and see if it is better quality.

  84. Please update Denison Texas. The latest imagery is for 2008. Thank You

  85. When I look at historical imagery, I can’t seem to get a street view of my home.Just a view from overhead. Thanks you.

  86. My local area still has pictures of vehicles parked in my street from eight years ago. My address is ne33 5lw. How can I get recent Google photos of my area in the U.K, thankyou

  87. I am also in UK. My street level map shows last update 2009 and the house numbers are in the wrong place. I also think UK is neglected.

  88. Mike Wilkinson says

    Amuses me to see people complain that their imagery is nearly a year old – the default imagery for Fife, Scotland (which is a populated area!) is from 1999! Google have long since removed that date as they are obviously embarrassed about it. There is a 2006 update but the quality is poor which is presumably why this is not the default.
    At this rate, major structures such as the new Queensferry Bridge will never appear in my lifetime. It seems Google have lost interest in GE and want to spend their squillions elsewhere. Shame – it was a great resource.
    If it was a question of sending wee aeroplanes up with cameras, I could understand it – but satellites nowadays can pinpoint anything – come on, Google !

    • Timothy Whitehead says

      The imagery for Fife is aerial imagery. Even if Google does gather satellite imagery for that location they will probably stick with the older aerial imagery as the default. Google does not own any satellites but get their imagery from third parties and are to some extent influenced by what those third parties are interested in. Fife already has aerial imagery and is quite difficult to photography by satellite given that it has cloud cover or snow cover much of the year. You will notice that there is some DigitalGlobe imagery nearby but it has some cloud cover.
      The rate of imagery being added to Google Earth has been increasing over the years, so no, Google has definitely not lost interest in gathering imagery. Its just a very big world, a large proportion of which still doesn’t even have reasonable satellite imagery.

      • Mike Wilkinson says

        Thanks for replying so promptly, Timothy. Yes, I accept much of what you are saying, but after having checked GE for some of the world’s wettest (i.e.cloudiest) and most remote locations, e.g. south New Zealand, India, etc, the imagery is all 2012-2014.
        Can’t help feeling we are being neglected here in Scotland. My brother in Rhode Island (where it also rains) has imagery updated sometimes twice a year. Somebody high up in Google is bound to have a Scottish granny……….

    • how are some areas updated twice a year and my street image in summerfield, nc is from 2007?

  89. i hope someone at google read this lol

    venezuela, tachira state, city san cristobal

    lol, really, all the areas at the edges of the city are blurred

    very important are mountains and national parks, chorro el indio, juan pablo peñaloza

    the same goes for merida, merida and the mountains, many are low res, useless, you cant even see the lagoons

  90. If all this is true that I have no reason why it’s not, I haven’t been in Cleveland, Ohio, in about 15 years. But when I put in 3528 W. 52nd St. I still see my car sitting in the front yard. Now if you have updated it my car would not be in the front yard. I’m only saying why aren’t the poor neighborhoods being updated
    tried history bar no luck

    • Timothy Whitehead says

      There must be someone else with a car like yours. There is very little imagery in Google Earth over 15 years old, and Cleveland Ohio has imagery less than a year old.

      • Respectfully, Timothy, I disagree. I live in Summerfield, NC and some images of the town are updated but the image of my home still has the same old, weird orange-tinted photo of my home in the ugly dead of winter and an image of my neighbor walking down the street and she passed away years ago. In looking at the images of my town, the homes west of Hwy 220 North are updated but homes east of 220 are not.The image for my home is dated DECEMBER, 2007!!!!!!!!! I hope that it can be updated soon. Thank you!

  91. Since 2003 there is no update for Iraq special Kurdistan regional government (KRG)
    I have to do a big project for my city base of google earth information ( it’s non Bussines , it was education project ) but I can’t because the information from google earth have not any value !

    • Timothy Whitehead says

      Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Ukraine have been censored. This is not done by Google but by governments working with the satellite imaging companies (possibly by purchasing all rights to the imagery).

  92. Ashraf Hassan says

    It seems that Google Earth updates places that are viewed frequently by different users.

  93. Peter McMahon says

    hi, i have found an aircraft near Round Island 200miles from Reunion Island on the historic date 27.3.2014, but the date at the bottom of the page says either 2009 or 2013, so is the historic date correct, and why is the date 27.3.2014 the same as far back as 2009 the same image, as no aircraft has crashed here since 1987. please can you explain, if the historic date is correct or is your system faulty as far as historic dates go. thank you, Peter

  94. Artzechic says

    Why don’t you guys have any photos of the actual North Pole? It isn’t even on the map? That needs to be updated. Also, the South Pole has a really discolored pinkish circle around the center of it. What causes that? Is it because of “Southern Lights” or something?

    • Timothy Whitehead says

      Most imaging satellites do not cross over either pole:
      In addition, getting aircraft there to take aerial photography would be prohibitively expensive.
      On top of all that, Google Earth is not very well designed when it comes to displaying imagery at the poles and there is significant distortion. The noticeable circle at the South Pole at around 82.5 S is the limit of Landsat imagery.

  95. I live in south Mississippi and would like to use Google Earth as a resource when homeschooling my children, however, it has proven to be very useless since it is very outdated. For example, my youngest son is 7 years old and we added an unground pool in our backyard the same year he was born and Google Earth still shows our house with no pool. I find it hard to believe that Google Earth doesn’t have the technology to update what they promote. I also do not see the point in using or keeping this app if it does not provide current views.

  96. mass of the uk with has at least 10 year images if not older then that my old house still has car parked on drive from 13 years ago long dead a buried and also some winter views would be awsome.

  97. I live in New Zealand in the Auckland area. One of the things I like showing ppl are the anomalies of certain areas in Auckland which have never been updated. One of those images is where I live and seeing my car that I haven’t had for ten years, the imagery obviously taken just after moving in around the time Google Maps was being developed. That is a huge gap.
    The other parts are motorway junctions that are in the planning stages not showing the completed stages. New buldings and new suburbs that exist now are still seen as green pastures, and a bridge with two timelapsed photos likely a year or two apart, one showing the completed half, the other the unfinished half.
    For now I have years nof fun ahead of me showing off Google’s failed Satellite images.

    One of the reasons I want clearer satelite images is that some ship-wrecks are in shallow waters and as has been attested by Astronauts can clearly be seen from orbital space. As for showing nothing but water is bogus as its clearly an Naval issue, or maritime, where the trade routes and ‘war games’ can also be seen from space.
    The big American Aircraft carriers that we do not see anywhere is the real reason why the seas are blanked out. Its likely a matter of national security, or international security to not show the movements of the Naval fleets in the Pacific or Atlantic.

    • Timothy Whitehead says

      Much of New Zealand has newer satellite imagery that you can see in ‘historical imagery’. The reason it isn’t in the default layer is that there is some older aerial imagery that is better quality.

  98. Joe Roderts says

    Looking for updated view of Johns Island S

  99. this is BS I been looking at a place for over 2 years. The google earth image still has the same
    cloud over it all this time.. So it is not Satellite is really airplane pictures.

  100. Andy Beale says

    it has been eight years since the last update. where i live. wounding if you could do something about it

  101. I really need updated images now. I have 2 horse studs that are due tomorrow and I cannot see any F***ing fence lines.

  102. Andrew Smith says

    How often is this updated ? In Norfolk UK the A11 and A47 have been duelled in various places . A Northern By-Pass is being put round Norwich which will link The Fakenham Road to The A47 at Postwick , I was looking for a road in Upper Sherringham called Scira Lane but I can’t find it on any Road Maps .

  103. Mark A Basnight sr says

    Lived in my house for 5 years the cars parked in my driveway are the owners before me could use a update thank you. Mark. Newort News Virginia

  104. Current UK street view (early March 2017) appears deliberately distorted, even in open country with no residential or commercil property visible – even tree foliage is clearly distorted. Why?

    • It’s 2017 and the street view of my house is from 2010. It’s ridiculous that it isn’t being updated. My house in NC was updated almost every 3-4 months…and it was a smaller town than the one I’m in now.

      • Willkofife says

        Well you people don’t know how lucky you are. Here in Scotland, the overhead scenery and street view are now both over TEN YEARS old – I don’t expect any update as Google are not really interested in anything outside the US.
        It is very sad – Google Earth was once a wonderful resource – now it’s useless.

        • Timothy Whitehead says

          Google has gathered aerial imagery and Street View in the UK in the past year. But they have not covered the whole country. For overhead imagery, weather is a major factor.

          • Well weather is not a factor in Summerfield, NC. The imagery for my home is from DECEMBER 2007!!! When you look around my neighborhood, there is an image of a neighbor who has been dead for quite some time now. Please update Windspray Drive in Summerfield. The images are outdated and orangy/ugly looking. When people look up my house, it’s outdated and doesn’t show all the remodeling and landscaping we’ve done. Please update.

  105. Finally someone who lives in my area! I’m glad we’re not the only one! I wish they would drive down my street….it’s annoying not to see our house as it is now.

  106. My aunt’s house was built 4 years ago and it still doesn’t show up on google earth. It is in a small town an hour away from Dallas, Texas. Also I live near Pilger, Nebraska that was hit by a tornado 3 years ago and they still don’t show 8 of the 9 buildings that have been put up since then!

  107. Twice a month? Well that’s a BIG FAT LIE. I’ve had a major construction project going on right next to where I live for SIX MONTHS. Is any of that shown on Google Earth? NOPE. Nothing. Though it was nice to see the field again that used to be there but come on Google, you can’t update your maps/photos/satellites within SIX MONTHS??? i’m with the guy above me – I live outside of Dallas and nothing’s been updated. What’s going on? Big brother lying down on the job or something?

    • Timothy Whitehead says

      Google does not update the whole earth twice a month. In fact many places do not have any high resolution satellite imagery at all. The US gets aerial imagery roughly every three years, but its done in patches. The ‘twice a month’ figure in the post refers to how often some new imagery is added to the database.

  108. JollyRancher420 says

    Warner SD hasn’t been updated for a while either.

  109. Elto Desukane says

    “We highlight all of those updates on the site”
    Can you email them to me?

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