Excellent 3D model of a church in Russia

Located 250 miles east of Moscow in the city of Nizhny Novgorod, the Church of the Nativity of Our Lady is a remarkably beautiful structure. SketchUp user Semenov Nikolay has built a 3D model of the church and it’s amazingly well done.


Along with the impressive architecture and texturing, Semenov also built up the terrain around the building to make it more accurate. All in all, it was very well done.
The model is not yet in the Google Earth 3D Buildings layer, but you can get it from the Google 3D Warehouse: Info | KMZ
We often like to showcase excellent 3D models like this on the site (such as Andy Dell and Peter Olsen‘s work), so if you’ve created a noteworthy model or a great collection of them, please contact us so we can check it out. Thanks!
(via the 3DWH Twitter account)

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  1. steve yarnall says:

    wow how did semenov keep the file size under 10 mb???

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