Recap of Google’s recent 3D Basecamp

basecamp-logo-2010.jpgEarlier this month, Google held their “3D Basecamp” in Boulder, Colorado, as a way to once again bring together a wide variety of SketchUp experts. During the event, the big news was the release of Google SketchUp version 8.
Google has now put out a full recap of the event, along with a couple of videos. You can get all of the details on the Google SketchUp Blog, or check out some of the videos below.
Overview of the event:

The full 90 minute keynote, which shows off many of the new features in SketchUp 8:

For more, read the full entry on their blog, or check out our previous coverage of SketchUp 8.
Did you attend 3D Basecamp 2010? If so, what did you think of it?

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