New imagery in Washington, DC

I’m not yet sure the extent of this update, but sharp-eyed reader ‘Ben’ noticed some brand new imagery in Washington, DC. Not only is this very quick on the heels of the last update, but the imagery is remarkably fresh — dated August 29, 2010.


The block of imagery seems to cover roughly 50 miles in each direction, or around 2500 square miles of the DC area, and it’s incredibly sharp, beautiful imagery.
If you check Google Maps, you’ll see that the new imagery isn’t in there yet. This may be part of a larger update, but I haven’t yet found any other updated cites. If you find any, please leave a comment and let us know.

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  1. No more new images. Washington updated only. KMZ:

  2. The update is already pushed into Google Maps as of when I just checked. The official network link isn’t updated yet though. Perhaps before they leave tonight.
    Look for a Street View update this week. Stories have said the 30th, but I’m betting it will be sometime in the evening of the 29th. (USA East Coast time, anyway) All that’s been said is to watch Brazil, but I’m betting we see at least one other new country, (Poland?) but that’s a guess. I am also betting we see USA updates with the new high resolution cameras in the USA. (for instance, filling in the outlying areas of the DC metro area)

  3. wow, in Soviet Russia, they get the places before Google gets it. lol

  4. Got zoomed in automatically tonight (1 October) to the Washington 28 September update when I opened GE, rather than to half the globe as usual when ‘latest update’ is on in Places. Not necessarily what you want when you are on the other side of the Atlantic

  5. The new imagery is misregistered by 5-10 meters compared to the previous version and 3D models of buildings. Is there a chance to correct it?

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