Google launches Street View in Ireland, Brazil, Antarctica

While it’s not yet available in Google Maps, Google has just announced that Street View will be going live in Ireland later today.
UPDATE: The new imagery is now live in Ireland, Brazil and Antarctica.
Also additional imagery in Hawaii (thanks ‘Munden’)
The Google Lat Long Blog has details.


According to the Irish Times, the imagery will cover more then 80,000km of road in the country including cities such as Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway and Waterford.
While Ireland is the only confirmed country so far, there are rumors that Brazil, Poland and perhaps others will finally get Street View coverage with this update. We’ll know for sure once it goes live later today.
If you’re not familiar with using Street View in Google Earth, check out this great tutorial that Frank created last year.
If you notice any updated areas in Street View, please leave a comment and let us know.

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  1. Brazil is on too.

  2. The update is visible now, at least in part. I suspect it’s all visible now though.
    Yes, as the stories had gone, Brazil was added along with Ireland. So far I’ve also found that Hawaii got an update as the Big Island was added too.

  3. Street View is already in Brazil …

  4. WTF!streetwiew in Antarctica….OMG!=)) waste of time and money….bug Google know better…

  5. I am seeing some new street view in the mainland United States. An example of an area that got new street view in the mainland United States is Interstate 5 from San Clemente, California to Oceanside, California.

  6. There appears to be new street view in and around Woodbridge, NJ. Theres minor streets that never had imagery before.

  7. The updates in the USA are very sporadic. I’ve found minor additions scattered around. Las Vegas MIGHT have picked up a large update though. The last time I checked there were still a lot of low-resolution and even night-time pictures along The Strip. All images are now in the day and done with the new high-res cameras. I’m fairly confident these are brand new updates.
    Strangely, there are still a few night images still around, namely around the Riviera.

  8. I would LOVE it if they made a night/day feature for maps/earth.
    The high-res night cameras would have special features so you can see and you could click on the icons day/night or something similar to compare imagery. -_-

  9. What about Poland?

  10. If you want to get a quick impression of SV in any of the new countries try Map Crunch which generates random SV images with the full SV functionality … Ireland green, Brazil security walls, Antarctica…streets?
    A quick international tour also suggest that the quality of images is improving, with a lot of the early US stuff less distinct (hopefully not pollution haze) and France less seamless than it should be.

  11. Kyle Gandar says:

    When are we likely to see hi resolution street view imagery appearing in Australia / New Zealand? I understand Google cars were going back out on the road in Australia but nothing was mentioned of NZ.

  12. mike quigley says:

    the photo of the following address shown on the left in SV is not the actual house, however when I clic on this photo
    the correct picture comes up. SV never ceases to amaze me. 1104 freemont avenue, south pasadena, california USA

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