Google Earth 5.2 is now out of beta: Version

Back in June, Google released version 5.2 of Google Earth, which introduced us to some great new features such as tracks, elevation profiles and a variety of other enhancements.
Now, just shy of three months later, Google Earth 5.2 has come out of beta. Most of you were likely running version, and it’s now been updated to version The update tool inside of Google Earth isn’t showing it yet, but if you head over to and download it from there you’ll be getting the latest version.


Most of the updates are minor bug fixes, but Google is taking this opportunity to show off a few Google Earth Pro features in a bit more detail: Vector Regionation and Image Regionation. Simply put, these are ways to allow you to view vast amounts of information on the screen; Google Earth will show less detail when you’re far away, and slowly add more info as you zoom in.
You can read about both features on the Google Lat Long Blog, or watch the video below for more information about Vector Regionation:

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  1. Masonicmoron says:

    Still very slow on high powered PC’s

  2. This latest version is available in since last 6-7 days !!

  3. has the Updater inside GE ever shown an Update? I can’t remember it showing me one in the last years or so.

  4. How can this be out of beta when the glaring bug with windows 7 64bit still being soooo slow when viewing bubbles and using the internal web browser.

  5. Can anyone use Shift-Scroll Wheel in 5.2 as a shortcut to view the landscape in 3-D perspective? It works in 5.1 and back, but no longer works in 5.2.

  6. Still have not fixed the street view crashing and glitching. I have given up on sending the Google error reports as they appear to do nothing. I too have also noticed that it now takes forever to load. It now loads the at the same speed as Google maps. Slow.
    Please note. I have tried this on several computers here at the office. Different motherboards, different graphics cards. Windows XP and Windows 7 and get the same result.
    Also when are the going make it so that you can use the arrow keys for navigation in street view on Google earth like in the Google maps.

  7. “Great new features”? Aside from the embedded Google browser, which users may not want, what is there for the regular, non specialist user? Can anyone help by spelling out the gain/loss balance from installing the non beta 5.2.

  8. Does anyone else have problems with the built in browser back and forth arrows not functioning at all.

  9. Scott: Using the shift key with the scroll wheel to tilt the earth works just fine. But, I never use that. Instead, I just click the scroll wheel and drag the mouse to both tilt and rotate. Much easier. Better yet, get a 3DConnexion joystick.

  10. Leonardo Daniel Leidi says:

    Does anybody know why the “colonias” name of Mexican cities (neighbourhoods) does not appear any more?

  11. Any Mac users download the new version yet? What version number did you get?

  12. Rob Phillips says:

    I have just tried to download from and I’ve downloaded version 1547 again I don’t think the download link points to 1588 yet. Does anyone else agree?

  13. Rob Phillips, I always use this link: as its the standalone installer and is always the latest version.

  14. The list of issues of GE client and plugin compare with version 5.1.3534
    1. The objects which have to be loaded by clause are not
    always loaded
    (Loading starts when you open kml file, but if you move camera to
    another location loading stops and does not restore later. Although
    loading indicator shows that process goes.)
    2. The folder items with checkHideChildren became disabled

  15. The new version appears to connect to the Internet differently than previous versions – creating an anonymous connection when going out to Panaramio and other map links – when the link loads it does not return any image or info – just an empty bubble.
    This was never a problem in earlier version of Google Earth and this is a problem for those of us who are using a proxy to get out to the Internet.

  16. Dennis Bryant says:

    I tried 5.2 a couple of months ago. Loading street view was extremely slow and so I went back to 5.1.3533.1731. I tried today and loading street view was again extremely slow. I’m using W7 64bit, i5cpu so it should work fine but it does not.

  17. David Hughes says:

    I have just rolled back Google Earth to 5.1.3533.1731 and I now back up to speed again. Thanks Guys for the Information

  18. Hadn’t used Google Earth in a while, went to use it today, used manual navigation using the controls in the upper right corner, runs very slowly. I have 2 Windows 7 64 bit machines with multi-core processors and an older WinXP machine with a single-core processor and Google Earth is moving like molasses in January on all three. Where can I download the old version? The old version ran fine on all of my computers.

  19. I have just downloaded and installed latest version ( on ubuntu and works great and fast but there is no gps tag under the tools menu any one know how to get the gps working?

  20. My cousins daughter-in-law works for Google, she say’s Google know they have a problem with Windows 7 64 bit OS and at the moment can’t fix it and have put it on a low priority.

PLEASE NOTE: Google Earth Blog is no longer writing regular posts. As a result, we are not accepting new comments or questions about Google Earth. If you have a question, use the official Google Earth and Maps Forums or the Google Earth Community Forums.