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We’ve discussed a variety of companies that can help you get your home or business modeled in Google Earth. I’m always happy to show off new companies, as increased competition is always good for us consumers.
The latest is a company called PopArchitexture. They got their start in Google’s “Build Your Campus” competition back in 2006.
PopArchitexture offers three different pricing levels:
• ‘Pure and Simple’ tier: For $95, receive a 3D digital model viewable in Google Earth or embeddable on any website.
• ‘Detailed’ tier: For $295 and up, receive a detailed 3D digital model for GE or embeddable.
• ‘Sophisticated’ tier: For $595 and up, receive a hand built 3D paper model as well as a detailed 3D digital model.
In addition, you can get a 10% discount on any order that uses the voucher code ‘GEARTHBLOG’.
The paper models are a unique option, and they appear to be quite cool. Here is an example of one they recently built for a client:


Of course, they’re not the only option out there. We’ve covered a variety of different companies in the past, and here is a brief rundown:
Concept 3D: They offer custom 3D models in various formats including high quality photorealistic renders to Google Earth. They also offer web development services and interactive campus mapping service in Earth/Maps using 3D, 360 degree photography and video, which can leverage their Campus Bird interactive map site and CMS. Prices vary based on scope of project.
CyberCity 3D: For residential 3D they offer two options: “Premium” ($100-$150), usually done with terrestrial photo-textures provided by client and “Deluxe” ($200-$300), which includes more detail with added geometry.
Estate 3D: As we covered a few months ago, for $99 they’ll do a single building that’s composed of 50 faces or less.
Luna Tech Designs: They provide 3D modeling services, 360 degree photography, and custom 3D Geo portal services. Their community based portal system can integrate data directly from participating chamber online databases, municipal GIS systems, business websites, and rich media content from anywhere on the web all through a single interface. Average prices for 3D models range from $100 to $400. Portal service pricing varies based on scope of project.

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  1. We would like to be considered as a featured 3D modeler as well. We were were one of the (if not the very first) first developers in the U.S. to be recognized as a Google Qualified Geo 3D Developer. We now serve as proctors for the program along with Concept3D, CyberCity3D and a few select others. We have over 285 models in the GE Warehouse with the blue ribbon seal of approval. We have also developed our own community portal system using the GE Plug-In where we collectively bring the content from the local municipalities, schools, chambers, non-profits, etc. into a single 3D interface for the community – sometimes in real-time, directly from their various online database systems. For examples of this, you can visit or We have launched these 3D portals in a multitude of Michigan communities and are now branching out in other parts of the country. We have also done projects for national companies like Best Western Hotel where we have modeled out every Best Western in Michigan and incorporated the globe into their website – (link to the globe at the top of the page). We are now looking to branch out and do all the the BWs in the Midwest. We have also developed a custom portal for promoting Real Estate properties for select regions. Feel free to contact me by email or cell phone at 734-260-1069. Thank you for your consideration.

  2. A few changes happening right now with Estate3D:
    1)our service is no longer 50 faces or less but 250 faces
    2)we are now part of the Google Qualified Geo 3D Developer program as well
    3)Our confusing “hosting” setup has been relegated to the “slightly embarrassing” history folder. Now when you have your building modeled with Estate3D you get our help to embed it in your website at no additional cost.
    4) we are offering custom Google Earth and GE API solutions for those companies with multiple buildings and who want to include additional data in their 3D showcase(s) (videos, additional javascript functionality etc).
    Kudos to Poparchitexture too, we love your work

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