Excellent flight-tracking layer from FlightWise

FlightWise.com, with some help from Google, has just released a very nice KML that shows thousands of near real-time flights over the United States.


The data is roughly 15 to 20 minutes behind the current time, due to FAA restrictions. However, this is an excellent tool to get a look at all of the current flights in the US.
By hovering on a plane, you can see the flight number and a path of their journey to that point. Clicking on a plane gives you more information about the flight, including an option to view the full path of the flight as a KML tour. Opening the tour will show your plane with a larger red icon, and it will fly the entire path of its journey to that point.

For more information or to try it for yourself, you can:
Read about it on the Google Lat Long Blog
Try it using the Google Earth Plug-in
Download the KML file for use in Google Earth

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  1. You might want to check out flightradar24.com as well. It uses a network of ADS-B receivers, a lot like AIS receivers that’s used on marinetraffic.com, so it’s pretty much real time.

  2. This is wonderful. I have been waiting for something exactly like this for some time. My only complaint is the same as I have for the flightwise data in general – I want more! I wouldn’t like to see all international flights, not just those with an end in the United States.
    Thanks for the heads up!

  3. None right now.

  4. This does not seem to be working any more. Does anyone have a link to an alternate product?

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