Beautiful new 3D buildings in Las Vegas

Our friends at CyberCity 3D are at it again — they’ve just posted some new 3D buildings in Las Vegas and they look great!


CC3D created these “deluxe” 3D Las Vegas buildings (actually resorts) for Team Vision Virtual as part of TVV’s plan to build out 3D destination travel sites for 10 cities/regions over the next 18 months. TVV and CC3D teamed up earlier this year to build the impressive 3DHawaii site, so a Vegas version of that site could be pretty neat. Team Vision is the “first-mover” in this space and CyberCity 3D is the production partner as well as a content partner with Google.
CyberCity even built a nice tour to guide you through the city. You can download the tour to check it out for yourself.

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  1. Been to Vegas couple days ago and wanted to make City Center but they were faster 😉 good job, they look excactly the same way as in reality !

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