Use Street View imagery in Building Maker, plus more cities added

A handful of nice updates have just come out for Building Maker. The first is something that should help make your buildings look much better; you can use Street View imagery to texture the sides of your buildings.
When SketchUp 7.1 was released it gave you the ability to do this, and Google has been using this technique for some of the “lifelike facades” they’ve been adding in some cities. Making this technique available in Building Maker was an obvious next step, and it’s going to allow many people to use this sharp imagery to create even better models.
Here’s a video showing how it works:

In addition to this great new tool, Building Maker is now available in six new cities:
• Edinburgh, United Kingdom
• Florence, Italy
• Vienna, Austria
• Pittsburgh, PA, United States
• Santa Cruz, CA, United States
• Riverside, CA, United States
You can read more on the Google SketchUp Blog, or go try it out for yourself on the Building Maker site.

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