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Here is a pretty funny story — Nick Newcomen apparently had some free time on his hands, so he drove 12,238 across 30 states with a GPS logger to “write” a message for all to see:


You can read the full story over on Gizmodo, but it appears that Nick was a pretty big Ayn Rand fan.
To see it for yourself, you can view it on his site
or download the KML file to view it in Google Earth.

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  1. i did some thing like that on a smaller (very smaller) scale, and it was featured in a Nokia blog

  2. This guy really had lots of time, patience and money to do this. I guess Ayn Rand is showing her pearly whites in heaven. Let’s see if book stores will run out of the “Atlas Shrugged” and “The Fountainhead” copies in the next few days.

  3. This is amazing! Looks like GPS trackers will be the latest technique in marketing! Get a sponsor and take a drive!

  4. Wonder if I could get a sponsor if I used GPS tracking to “write” their tagline across the country?

  5. Bill Beacon says:

    Gee,wish I had the spare time to G.P.S. “Practice Leon Trotsky”– I’ll ask my boss for the time off and my chinese landlord to watch my stuff.. oh,wait– I LIVE IN THE REAL WORLD!!

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