More awesome images from Astro Wheels; this time it’s the Great Barrier Reef

We mentioned astronaut Douglas Wheelock (aka @Astro_Wheels) a few months ago, showing off a great photo he captured of an atoll from the Line Islands.
A few days ago, he posted a stunning image of the Great Barrier Reef, just off the east coast of Australia.


As I often love to do, I spent some time to find this location in Google Earth and lay out his image as a Image Overlay. It took a while a to find this precise location, as it’s just a small dot in the great Reef, but I was able to track it down. You can download the KML file here or just view the full image on TwitPic (normalfull size).
If you’re on Twitter, you should certainly follow him, or you can just subscribe to the feed for his images using Google Reader or similar.
He’s posted a lot of great stuff over the past few months. Which image of his is your favorite?

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  1. This is truly an impressive image. Where did you find the patience to track the specific location for the image overlay? Nice work!

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