Imagery of the flooding in Pakistan

UPDATE, 13-August: Google has now put out a blog entry with a lot more info from their Crisis Response team about the flooding — read it here.
A few days ago we told you that Google was seeking imagery and data for the flooding in Pakistan. While they’re still working to acquire more data, NASA has released some imagery of the country and it’s quite stunning.


You can view/download the images on the NASA Earth Observatory site. You can also view it by downloading this KML overlay — be warned that the image is approximately 9 MB, so it’ll take a little while to load.
If you wish to offer your resources to help, Network for Good has a list of organizations that are accepting contributions, along with a description of what each organizations will do with your donation.

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  1. That’s staggering – It’s clear how 14 million people can be affected. All the towns are on the river and they’re all under water. And most of the houses are built of mud brick – so they’ve just been washed away.

  2. Certainly the image is dramatic, but it’s hard to interpret what it means. Perhaps I’m missing something, but it would be nice to have a key to indicate the meaning of the colors. Does green indicate flooded areas? Blue? Both? Particularly when zoomed in to the local level it’s difficult to interpret it. Not complaining… just sayin’…

  3. It’s really sad why tragedies hit developing countries most of the time. I’m not saying that tragedies should hit developed countries (God forbid) but it’s just awful to see this kind of disaster. They’ve been through so much already.

  4. Maps images lying shown on the Google Earth are now old, which need to be updated, so that situation of flood affected areas of Pakistan may be witnessed rightly.

  5. The area that mercy does much of the tragedy happened.

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