Google still seeking map data for the Pakistan floods

As we’ve shown in the past, Google offers up fresh imagery as quickly as they can after a major disaster. The best recent example was the earthquake in Haiti, but other examples include the gulf oil spill and Chile earthquake.
Google is trying to update their imagery and maps in Pakistan in response to the recent floods, but they’re having a hard time because it’s too cloudy and satellites simply can’t capture new imagery through the clouds.


As a result, Google needs your help. They are “looking to collect and aggregate imagery and user generated KML, or other map data, with the goal of making this content more accessible to both crisis responders and the general public.
If you have any data that may be of value to them as they work to capture it all, please send it in.
The weather forecast for the country is becoming a bit more favorable, but still not excellent in the short term. If you happen to have data you can send that could be helpful to them, please do.

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