86 3D buildings from Bowling Green State University

Yesterday, the Google 3D Warehouse Twitter account (@3DWH) mentioned that Bowling Green State University had 86 3D models from their campus in the 3D Warehouse, so we had to check it out. They’ve since added another one more building, bringing the total to 87. The buildings are remarkably detailed, and include things such as accurate steps and realistic fences, as seen below.


None of the buildings are in Google Earth yet, but I’d expect them to arrive in the next 3D model update; probably later this week. [UPDATE: Most of the buildings are now in Google Earth.] In the meantime, you can download this KML file to see the locations of the buildings, and then choose to load the full 3D model for any that interest you.
Universities seem to be adding buildings at an increasingly rapid rate. We’ve recently told you about Northeastern University and Boston University, and I expect we’ll see more in the coming months.

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  1. Dave Timpe says:

    Michigan State, in East Lansing has had most of its buildings in 3D for a couple of years now, but there are still several that are only gray. Sounds like it was somebody’s project for the semester, and when that was over, nobody finished up the models.
    Meanwhile, Lansing proper is lagging way behind, but the tallest building in town (the Boji Tower, a.k.a. the Olds Tower or Michigan National Tower) just showed up along with one of the ugliest buildings in the State Government Complex. Apart from the State Capitol building, one other downtown building, a power plant and another State Complex building, downtown is pretty much still in 2D. At least somebody seems to be doing some models of my old home town.

  2. Dave Timpe says:

    Since yesterday, another building is up in the Michigan State Government Complex. It’s the Hall of Justice, which is a much more interesting building than the Department of Transportation. The curved parts of the building could have been done better.

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