3D buildings in Yokohama, Japan

Google has pushed out their latest 3D buildings update (via @3DWH), and this one includes one new major 3D city: Yokohama, Japan


If you want to fly there and see Yokohama for yourself, you can simply use this KML file.
In addition, it appears they’ve loaded the rest of the buildings from Bowling Green State University that we told you about a few weeks ago.

The buildings in both locations look excellent, and there are certainly many other new buildings scattered around the globe. Did any of your 3D models get added with this update? Leave a comment and let us know!

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  1. Dave Timpe says:

    Somebody named John Nadjarian is adding models to Lansing, MI at the rate of one or two a week (the latest are Comerica Bank and Cooley Law School, which old-timers like me will call the Bank of Lansing and the Prudden Building). It’s nice to see my old home town going 3-D, but there’s lots more to do there.
    I don’t have any models ready for prime time yet. They’d show up in Marinette, WI or Menominee, MI if I ever get them done and Google likes them.

  2. N. W. Perry says:

    A huge batch of 17,000+ Building Maker models has been accepted in Las Vegas, making it pretty well 3D-covered now. A bunch of users, including myself, had been working on some of the bigger buildings in the city core, but this push now fills in a large number of the surrounding blocks as well.

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