Want your home or business in 3D? Estate3D will do it for $99.

Many people out there would like to get their home or business modeled in 3D for Google Earth, but don’t have the time or expertise to use Google SketchUp to do it themselves. Over time, Building Maker may provide a good way to do it, but right now it only covers a tiny fraction of the earth and the models tend to be lower quality than hand-designed buildings. What do you do in the meantime?
We talked last year about a few options. Concept3D and CyberCity3D both have packages available, and both do excellent work. The only problem is the pricing; Concept3D starts at $325, and CyberCity is likely in the same area (though they don’t list prices). They’re certainly worth the price, but what if you just want a simple model? Enter Estate3D.
Estate3D is a new service that will model your home or business for just $99. They’ll supply you with the resulting KMZ file and they’ll submit it to Google for you so that it’ll appear in Google Earth in the main “3D Buildings” layer.
For $99, they’ll do a single building that’s composed of 50 faces or less; more than enough for most individual buildings. You simply take photos of your building, upload them through their site and give them a few days to turn it around. I had them do my house so I could see how the process worked, and you can can see the result below or view it in Google Earth (3D Warehouse, KML). It’s a simple model, but they did a nice job with it. Along with the basic house, they added things like the front porch, back deck and the chimney.


If you have a model that you need done, I highly recommend you check them out.
A few notes about that model: The cut-off garage doors are a result of some crazy hills on our property, not the fault of Estate3D. Fixing that would require some terrain editing, which goes well beyond what they do. Also, the trampoline and fort in the backyard are not part of their typical package; just a fun bonus to enjoy. Estate3d will take on any unusual Google Earth modeling tasks you might have – if they go beyond the bounds of their $99 package you can simply apply for a “custom building”.

About Mickey Mellen

Mickey has been using Google Earth since it was released in 2005, and has created a variety of geo-related sites including Google Earth Hacks. He runs a web design firm in Marietta, GA, where he lives with his wife and two kids.


  1. I think it is good to have multiple 3D modeling service providers out there. I wish them success even though we do complete in concept.
    Kevin DeVito
    CyberCity 3D

  2. Paul van Dinther says:

    Nice concept. The “Warehouse” example on their site is a shocker though. surprised they even promote that model in their gallery.
    The pricing on their 3D viewer surprises me. It uses free Google code to view data hosted by Google. Why does that have to cost $5 per month?
    Charging for free Google services sounds wrong to me.

  3. We also agree with what Kevin wrote, that it is healthy in having competition in GeoWeb modeling. PopArchitexture has diversified its business to include simple digital models all the way up to sophisticated paper models. We look forward to seeing what other innovations fellow companies will provide!
    Jonathan Miller

  4. It’s great to see some competition in geomodeling, however I am getting more concerned about Google’s quality standard being light these days.
    Estate3D’s work just looks like building maker models. (low quality, low texture, footprint extrusions) To limit only 50 faces really reduces any type of quality I expect in geomodeling. Not to mention not using png textures for the railings shown in this example, or a simple switch in textures to give the roof a better impression.
    In the end, you get what you pay for. Concept3D has very reasonable price points especially for the caliber of work produced.
    Daniel Brown

  5. In my opinion, 99$ is a reasonable price for the model shown above. The model is very simple, they did no additional work on the textures and the quality is sufficient for private households. You could never show something like this on a real estate fair for example, but that´s something different…
    So I agree with Daniel Brown: “…you get what you pay for.”
    Selling free code (invoiced once a month!) sounds dubious to me…
    Johan Wagner

  6. Hi all,
    Thanks for the feedback. I thought I better clear a few things up:
    1) The Warehouse model was ugly and is now being repaired. Thanks for the heads up Paul.
    2) We have found that many of our clients are not experienced computer/web users so getting them to embed the API on their site was something they didn’t understand nor utilized. Also, the Google iframe does not auto-play nor incorporate street view nor is it as attractive as it could be (in our humble opinions anyway). Thus, we packaged our own version so users could be provided with a simple line of code to easily and attractively display their model on their site. The code itself is absolutely free, we were not charging for it. We were charging for the load on our server. This system is now redundant and customers get the Google iframe free of charge, yet users can still ask for customized display options for a small monthly fee.
    3)Our modeling methods are improving all the time as our systems become more refined. Stay tuned for better and brighter models.
    Thank you all for your feedback and we look forward to working alongside some of you in the future.
    If anyone would like to discuss these issues or any others further, filling in the form on our support page (http://estate3d.com/support) will get a direct response from me.
    Ash Scott

  7. Cad-outsourcing says:

    Geoweb modeling again a new concept..Also $99 again quite reasonable cost for the 3d modeling of the house

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