More students using SketchUp to model their home town

I love hearing stories about students in school using SketchUp to model their city, like these schools that we mentioned back in May. Not only is it a great learning experience for them, but it helps make Google Earth more useful for everyone.

GEB reader Jiri wrote to tell us about his class of students age 12-15 who have been modeling their city of Trinec, CZ using Google SketchUp (view in Google Earth). Up to this point, the students have already modeled over 130 buildings in the city!


You can see details of the buildings inside this collection in the 3D Warehouse that Jiri created for the project.

If you know of other students working on similar projects, please contact us and let us know about them. I’m always excited to see these kinds of projects, and would love to showcase more of them on the site!

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