More building maker cities added; Santiago and Valparaiso, Chile

It’s been a while since Google has added any new cities to their Building Maker tool, but now two more have joined the mix – Santiago and Valparaiso, Chile.


These two cities bring the total available in Building Maker up 94. I’m always happy when they expand the coverage to more cities, and I look forward to seeing them expand the coverage area for existing cities a bit further.
Google has pointed out that a few users have been building a lot of models in the area over the last few years. In particular, ‘gananunez‘ has created over 50 models in Valparaiso and users ‘GecKo StuDio‘ and ‘Sergio‘ have been creating various buildings in Santiago for the last few years. Having their buildings in the area will be a great start as other users start to fill in the cities with new Building Maker cities.

You can read more about the new cities in the Google Lat Long Blog. To try it yourself, simply visit the main Building Maker site.

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  1. As a Chilean this is great stuff! I get to see my house from all angles at a great resolution! I noticed that the images were taken after the February earthquake, because of the big Chilean flags hanging from some high-rise buildings.

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