Louisiana Earth

In an effort to help residents with emergency planning assistance, the state of Louisiana has launched “Louisiana Earth”.
As explained in the Google Lat Long Blog, the program is designed to help with the following:

Louisiana Earth was released as part of the state’s “Get a Game Plan” campaign, to assist citizens in creating evacuation plans by providing access to all of the states evacuation routes, sheltering points historical hazard data and other information that is essential during an evacuation such as locations of and available occupancy of hotels, gas stations, pharmacies, grocery stores, veterinary clinics and banks.

More info about Louisiana Earth can be found in this short video:

As Brant Mitchell, Louisiana’s Deputy Director of Homeland Security, mentions in the video, this is based somewhat off of Virtual Alabama which was released a few years back. Both programs are essentially a large new group of default layers to help provide a large amount of data to the end user — evacuation routes, oil spill updates, and even festivals and events occurring across the state.
It seems to be an excellent tool, and could be of great value to the residents of Louisiana.

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  1. Excellent example of the technological development of gis and geo-information in real time .. connectivity information through GPS devices to databases that analyze information in real time is a great tool .. I have not worked with it .. to see if it is a chance ..

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