Exploring the Suwarrow Atoll

Google Earth provides a great way to “visit” some of the beautiful islands out in the middle of the ocean, which is something I often do. This is no doubt influenced by Frank’s visits to various islands, including the amazing imagery he often captures with his kite-mounted camera (such as Petite Tabac and BBQ Island).
Stefan at Ogle Earth recently wrote an article all about the Suwarrow Atoll, located in the South Pacific. Made semi-famous by Tom Neale in his 1966 book “An Island to Oneself”, Suwarrow looks like a beautiful place to visit.


To take it a step further, Stefan has created a KMZ file that shows the location of Suwarrow along with many of the places that Neale mentions in his book.

Two of Stefan’s friends, Rhian and Andy, will be visiting it soon as they sail across the Pacific from Chile. Frank is relatively close to Suwarrow right now, but has no plans to visit (as far as I know).
As a commenter on Stefan’s blog says, “Thanks for being such a thorough researcher, Stefan. Means we don’t all have to travel there physically to enjoy the place.”. I agree completely, as Google Earth gives us the opportunity to “explore” places like this from the comfort of our own home. It’d sure be cool to visit one day, though. 🙂
On a related note, @astro_wheels (astronaut Douglas Wheelock) posted a great photo of an atoll from the Line Islands, roughly halfway between the Suwarrow Atoll and Hawaii.

He’s already posted some great pics, and I expect many others. Follow him on twitter if you’d like to keep up with his latest images.

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  1. Suwarrow was one of our favorite stops during our 5.5+ year 33,000 mile sailing trip. We used google earth to preview locations all the time, especially in locations where the charts were off by 1/2 miles!! We have some maps with detailed GPS tracks and blogs, photos for our entire trip http://www.creative-cruising.com/Billabong-Tracking/Billabongs-Sailing-Route.html.

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