A walk-through of the new Disney imagery

The new imagery update earlier this month was quite impressive, cover a wide variety of areas around the world.
One of the updated areas was Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. We’ve discussed Disney before because of their incredible 3D models, and now the folks at ClubD23.com have written a great overview of what can be found in the new imagery.
This particular batch of imagery was captured on May 2 of this year, a rather busy day at the parks…


If you’re a fan of Disney World, you’ll want to read the full article on ClubD23. Among the things they discovered:
• An overview of Fantasyland Construction.
• Construction on Hacienda de San Angel
• A line of trees were cut so Monorail pilots can see the other Monorail across the way
• Construction of the massive Golden Oaks million dollar homes
• Flower and Garden Festival in full swing
It’s a neat look at the new imagery and a fun way to see what’s coming in the future at Disney World.

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  1. nickvet419 says:

    I personally like satellite images better. These images prom planes don’t blend very well at the edges because the trees are at different angles. Angles images should be used in something like Bing’s birds eye view, not satellite view.
    On the post of Disney… “A line of trees were cut so Monorail pilots can see the other Monorail across the way” i don’t see why they would cut the trees here for the monorail. could there be some other reason for it?

  2. nymfan3131 says:

    A monorail pilot died in an accident last year at the TTC, might have been something that OSHA asked them to do for safety reasons.

  3. To bad for the trees… I guess we will see on the next update if the monorail was the real reason?

  4. Wow! …are those all cars? Very nice picture though, google earth has some amazing quality photographs.

  5. Shelley says:

    I was at Disneyworld on 2nd May – my hire car may very well be in that photo!! 🙂

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