Simulating Iron Man with Google Earth

Google Earth has been used for some interesting simulations, and some folks at the 2010 Kinnernet camp built an Iron Man simulator with Google Earth at the core.


According to their site, the ingredients included:

  • Small Crane
  • Hang glider harness
  • UAV wings (unmanned aerial vehicle)
  • large propeller
  • Virtual Reality goggles
  • FPV Ground Station
  • WiiMote
  • GlovePIE
  • Google Earth Flight Simulator
  • one brave experimenter

Each of the 250 participants at the event were invited to try it out, though not many did due to the time it takes to get all of the equipment in place.
The Wii Remote underneath the rider was used to control the Google Earth Flight Simulator, which was being shown to the rider. In the past, we’ve shown a few (1, 2) ways that you can use the Wii Remote to control Google Earth.
They had the user fly above Kineret Lake, Israel, which is where the convention was being held.
For more you can check out their Flickr photoset, or watch the video below for a demonstration of how it all worked:

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  1. Nathaniel Deverell says:

    wow thats pretty cool.does it have sound?cant wait till google earth flight sim has sound 😀

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