New StreetView imagery – June 7

Google has released a bunch of new StreetView imagery in South Africa, just in time for the world cup. As Google Maps Mania points out, the imagery not only captures the outside of the stadiums, but it goes inside them as well!

Inside of Soccer City

The new imagery seems to be contained to South Africa, but we haven’t heard for sure. If you notice any other new areas (parks, etc), please leave a comment and let us know!
Don’t forget that while you can browse StreetView using the normal Google Maps interface, you can also use StreetView inside of Google Earth.

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  1. Very cool. South Africa is the most beautiful place on earth.

  2. They also have Aerial view for some of the major cities I checked 😀
    It’s good to see them add more locations. It’s so much easier to find cool places to explore.

  3. We have been waiting for Streetview in South Africa for ages now, so we all really happy it finally got launched today.
    I have also created a site called which will show some of the more interesting and fun things we find in Google Streetview in South Africa

  4. I must say I am impressed by the quality of the views. It really makes one “jump in” and join the games; so please keep going!

  5. I stumbled upon this accidentally, this morning. They’ve done a great job, but I wonder if there was some censorship going on. No Mataffin slums?

  6. South Africa is much poorer *in general* then we are and many things we take for granted such as even housing or someting simple as toilet paper are hard to come by there.
    Unless you have contact with someone who is *rich* or have ties with government officals then ignore what I said as it won’t apply to you.

  7. Are google street view team done with the USA despite the fact that a lot of rural mountain towns don’t have very decent coverage?
    *insert confused smiley*?

  8. That is VERY true actually however unless you go to the savannah’s it’s hot n humid.
    Very beautiful scenery though.

  9. There is a huge area with a capital H around Sacramento California that is lacking in street view coverage as well.
    I just discovered it! *yikes*

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