New 3D buildings in Rotterdam, Catalunya, Boulder; also at MIT

Google’s Cities in 3D program is doing a lot of great things. They’ve helped a number of cities develop some nice 3D buildings, including Fredericton, Canada and McMinnville, Tennessee.
Now some additional buildings have been added to a few cities: Rotterdam (The Netherlands), Catalunya (Spain) and Boulder (Colorado, US).


Sadly, most (if not all) of these new buildings are the grey, untextured kind. Still, they’re certainly better than nothing, and I’m sure we’ll slowly see them gain texture over the coming months.
If you’re looking for some nicer-looking buildings, check out the new models at the MIT (Massachusetts Institiute of Technology) campus. Browse them in the 3D Warehouse, or use this KML to fly directly there. Concept3D built the models, and did a great job with them!

If you’ve recently had some noteworthy 3D models published in Google Earth, leave a comment below or contact us and let us know about them.

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  1. Cool new MIT models! So I guess some of my MIT BuildingMaker models are finally about to be replaced *glum*

  2. Check out Utrecht (the Netherlands) in 3d im making progress, almost 300 models accepted

  3. Catalunya is not a city, but a region in Spain. Its capital is Barcelona, maybe it’s there where the buildings were added?

  4. Is it just me or are those Concept3D MIT models no longer available for download/viewing from 3Dwarehouse?

  5. Watta Foque says:

    Since when is Catalunya a city???

  6. I was basing the Catalunya statement from the 3DWH Twitter account:
    Perhaps they added buildings to a few different cities in that region. I see some in Igualada, and (like Aicher said) perhaps some in Barcelona are new as well.

  7. It is “Catalonia” in English, not “Catalunya”.

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