Imagery from Nashville flooding released via “historical imagery”

As part of the new imagery that Google released a few days ago, they’ve also added some fresh historical imagery.
In particular, they’ve added imagery from Nashville, TN and the flooding that struck the area in early May. You can access this imagery by using the “historical imagery” tool while viewing the Nashville area. Simply click the clock icon at the top of the screen, then scroll to the date you’re interested in, as shown here:



The imagery is quite stunning and it really shows the extent of the flooding. Here are a few examples that Google has put together:

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  1. Live in Nashville – was hoping for something like this.

  2. If Google is taking suggestions…:
    The history timeline could use a small info box of sorts. Obviously, if you have various historical imagery layers, they are what they are, but in case they do actually have some significance to current events (and the imagery is there to stay in the history), then it would be good to offer a clue as to why this was relevant when it was captured on that day, in the view the user has scrolled the timeline to. This would come in handy for any type of disaster -floodings, earthquake damage, etc.- but also for prominent large scale constructions that suddenly have a relevance in the imagery.

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