Flexible screen from Toshiba allows you to “bend to zoom” in Google Earth

I’m a big fan of interesting ways of interacting with Google Earth. My favorite input method is still the SpaceNavigator, but there are some other neat ways to use it. I find the iPhone interface to be particularly user-friendly, and Frank did a fairly comprehensive round-up of other methods a few years back.
Now comes a very creative interface for Google Earth that uses Toshiba’s new flexible LCD screen technology; bend to zoom!
Flexible displays aren’t here yet, but they seem to be getting closer. This prototype seems to work remarkably well and hopefully it will arrive in a device in the near future.

If you were to combine this input with the multi-touch controls in the iPhone version of Google Earth, you might really have something! You could pan/rotate/tilt with your thumbs, and zoom by bending the screen. It’ll be interesting to see if anything comes of this.
What is your favorite interface for Google Earth?

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  1. Google Earth for iPhone running with the help of fullforce on the ipad! It is quite fantastic! Big screen + multitouch.

  2. joao dias says:

    Friggin EPIC!!!

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