EPA releases KMZ with tons of info about the Deep Water Horizon oil spill

Late last week, the EPA released a large amount of data via KML related to the oil spill in the gulf. Thanks to GEB reader ‘Bill’ for letting us know about it.


You can download the KMZ file here, which includes:

  • View EPA air, surface water, sediment and waste sampling locations in Google Earth, which are linked to explanations and information throughout this site.
  • See EPA air monitoring locations and results for total Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and Particulate Matter (PM).
  • Link to EPA data, aerial photography and other information collected by our air sampling plane, the ASPECT.
  • Get National Geospatial – Intelligence Agency’s (NGA) map of boom locations and daily tracking updates of the oil spill.
  • See aerial photography and satellite images from NASA, NOAA and the European Space Agency’s satellite ENVISAT.

For more information, visit the official BP Spill page on the EPA website.

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