3D Public Art in Google Earth

GEB reader ‘Will’ recently discovered that some cool 3D art is his hometown is available as 3D models in Google Earth.

I thought you might be interested in this Google Earth 3D public art I found in my hometown (Brighton, UK). “The Kiss” is a locally famous piece that refelects Brighton’s passionate past. “The Donut” in the background is more relevant than you may think – it is a model of the Earth in the form of a torus with deep holes in the shape of each continent.

As an aside you can also see the funfair at the end of Brighton Pier in the images – there is an excellent 3D model of this in GE – have a look!

As you can see in the images below, the Google Earth rendering of “The Kiss” is remarkably accurate to the real-life version.


You can see these two sculptures in Google Earth with this KML file.
This reminded me of the iconic monument to Joe Louis that you can find in downtown Detroit. It’s a stunning 24′, 4 ton statue of his fist, but the Google Earth model is a rather simple rendering of it (KML). Hopefully someone can add more detail to this structure in the future.

You can also check out Chicago’s “Silver Bean” (KML), or revisit the upcoming 9/11 memorial in New York City.
There are certainly hundreds of other candidates for a post like this, so let us hear from you. What are some of your pieces of public art?

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  1. ozybolairy says:

    It’s certainly intersting to see these types of models in google earth where the auto-generated building process would not be able to capture the detail that makes this art. I feel the same goes for historic buildings such as churches, castles, ruins etc. There is a draw to these types of buildings because of their interesting and complex arcitecture which would be difficult to process automatically. Check out a few of my buildings in the 3d warehouse using my name(i’m an amateur i’m afraid!). West sussex UK appears to be a blank canvas at the moment, with places like Arundel itching to have some stunning models built!

  2. Hi, here is a 3D model of a collection of large steel “trees” that are prominently located downtown Calgary.

  3. Christchurch Chalice (43.531321°S, 172.636407°E)

  4. Here is my Google Earth model of the “Free Stamp” sculpture by Claes Oldenburg in Cleveland, Ohio.

  5. Here is a GE model of the Robert Indiana “LOVE” sculpture in Scottsdale, AZ

  6. I completely missed this post when it was sent, but I’m so pleased you like my model of the kissing wall! I love finding complements about my work!
    The great thing about getting started with all this modelling is the little things you find out about. I didn’t know anything about the Big Green Bagel before I started.
    When you take an interest in your town, it actually becomes really interesting!

  7. Nice art.

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