2010 World Cup in Google Earth

The StreetView update yesterday gave us an inside look at all of the stadiums that will be used in the upcoming World Cup and an imagery update in early April gave us fresh aerial imagery of each stadium. In addition, Google has been publishing a lot of new 3D buildings for various cities in South Africa throughout the first part of this year (March 12, March 26).
Now Google is showing off the 3D models that are in place for all 10 stadiums and they’re quite stunning!


To view them all, simply download this tour and check them out for yourself.
It can also be fun to view the historical imagery for these sites, since some of them were built very recently in preparation for the Cup.
If you’d rather just watch a video, here is a well-produced one that Google created to highlight the stadiums:

For more, check out Google’s “Explore the South African stadiums in 3D” blog entry today.

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  1. This gives you a totally new ‘view’ of the match locations. Love it!

  2. Paul van Dinther says:

    Wow! That video is fantastic. Got some inspiration for my new tour studio program.

  3. I’ve just finished kmz file showing the squad list of the 32 participating teams in the world and the clubs they are playing for.
    Download it here: http://www.merkador.com/kmz/worldcup2010.kmz
    Or read more about it here: http://www.merkador.com/?q=content/world-cup-2010-players-clubs

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