Using SketchUp to show off future homes

We’ve talked recently about a few neat uses of Google SketchUp, such as using it to design a school in Guatemala and high school students using it to model their school and town.
The Google SketchUp blog has posted the story of a Habitat for Humanity affiliate in Jacksonville, Florida (HabiJax) using SketchUp to model a new home they were going to be building.


You can read the full story on the SketchUp blog, but here’s the main part of it as told by Jack Spellman, the Construction Coordinator for HabiJax:

…HabiJax decided to create a new house design, the “Jackson”, and add it to the collection of plans available for selection by our home buyers.

My challenge was to provide a way for our home buyers to envision the “Jackson” without ever seeing it in person. SketchUp was the perfect solution — it’s fast and easy to learn. As a nonprofit, the affiliate always strives to maximize resources, without sacrificing the quality of our products. SketchUp helped us do just that.


It’s always neat to see SketchUp used in ways like this. You can download the “Jackson” in the Google 3D warehouse if you’d like to play with it for yourself. It doesn’t appear to have been added to Google Earth, but it’d be neat to see them drop that 3D model on the locations in Google Earth where the home was built.

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  1. some strange imagery in northern Norway…the imagery appear to be taken by night due to the direction of the shadows…maybe in midsummer…near Tromso,Norway…

  2. This is a great program. I cannot wait to show it to our real estate and construction clients. What a great way to prepare a presentation.

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