Using SketchUp to build a third world school

The Google SketchUp Blog has the neat story of Jim Fanjoy and how he used SketchUp to help the Peace Corps build a school in Guatemala.


The complexities of building a two-level, 8,000 square foot school are quite large. The craftsmen they used would have had a difficult time with a standard set of plans, sections and elevations, and the language barrier was something to contend with.
Using Google SketchUp (along with LayOut), he was able to produce a wide variety of drawing and models to help everyone do their job as effectively as possible. Here are just a few of the things he did:
• Modeled the building in much more detail than I normally would for design visualization.
• Made drawings that show how the building would look during different phases of construction.
• Complex systems are presented in perspective for easier visualization.
• Modeled the decorative “Mayan stairs” in more detail and dimensioned all the critical masonry measurements
It’s quite a remarkable project, and an excellent use of SketchUp. For more information, check out the SketchUp blog, the website for this project, or Jim’s Peace Corps blog.

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