New York’s 9/11 Memorial now available in Google Earth

The National 9/11 Memorial has been in the planning stages for a while, and it’s slowly being constructed and is due to open next year.


The 9/11 Memorial organization has teamed up with Google to build a very impressive 3D version of the memorial, along with some other tools to add some realism to it.
You can view a tour of the memorial, or download the KMZ file directly if you’d rather explore it in Google Earth.
Below is a brief video showing off the content that’s available for you to view:

I’m a big fan of well-constructed 3D models, and this certainly qualifies. The buildings are excellent, and 3D trees add so much realism (like the Sovereign Hill models from a few days ago). Congratulations to Mason Thrall and everyone involved in this project for a job well done.

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