General Motors Education Project

General Motors has released a project called the “GM Education Google Earth Project“. As they describe it, you can “Travel the world and uncover the types of energy people use to fuel their cars, homes, and electronics.


It’s a fairly simple Google Earth file, but there is a lot of content packed into it. There are hundreds of placemarks on the globe, covering things such as:
• Nonrenewable Energy sources, such as oil, natural gas and coal.
• Renewable Energy sources, such as Geothermal and Hydropower.
• Secondary Energy sources, such as hydrogen.
All in all, it’s a neat project. There are a few small things that bother me, such as all of the placemarks using the default yellow pin. Why not create different pins for the different types of energy? That being said, it’s quite well done overall.
The GM education site is quite robust, and this new tool serves to compliment it very nicely.
You can visit their site for more information, or download the KML right here.

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  1. Mr Data says:

    My Zip Extracter will not unzip the file. 🙁

  2. It’s only been a year or so, and the GM site has no record of this project. Anyone know where it went to?
    Greenwashing anyone?

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