Drive the A-Team van in Google Earth

To help promote the upcoming A-Team movie, Fox and Google decided to enlist the help of Paul van Dinther from PlanetInAction and the result is very impressive. Paul is the man behind the very cool Ships game from last year, and the Helicopters game that is due out in a few days.
By visiting the official Drive the A-Team Van YouTube channel, you can take control of the van.


As you drive around, you can unlock extra video clips from the movie by performing specific tasks such as reaching (and holding) 100+ Mph, performing a variety of jumps, traveling over 6 miles or crashing the van enough times. The collision detection with the 3D buildings is very impressive and makes it pretty easy to crash.
To try it yourself, simply head out to their YouTube page and start driving!
Below is a bit of gameplay footage so you can see what it’s like:

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  1. Looks pretty neat! I’ll have to check that one out.
    Now my complaint is that I have been all over northern California (especally since I used to live there) and Google has only done the main streets of most of the small towns: 10,000 population or less:
    I wish to the laws of Karma that Google will finally do a major through update on all those towns:
    It annoys me at times:

  2. sittingduck says:

    But how can we appear in other locations except for the predetermined ones?

  3. ScaryFast says:

    When I went to the Youtube page it had the link to install the plugin and played the video of someone driving the van around. I didn’t have Google Earth installed so I installed it and the plugin and now every time I go to that page it just plays the Trailer…I can’t figure it out :/

  4. ScaryFast — You should see a “Drive the Van” link, as shown here:

  5. good

  6. The best 3D driving game on Google Earth ever.

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