Comparing the Gulf oil spill to other historic spills

We’ve posted a few resources about the Gulf oil spill, including an overlay of the first imagery of the spill and a neat size comparison tool that Paul Rademacher built.
Now we have a very detailed KML file from GEB reader ‘David’ that gives great detail about the oil spill in the Gulf, in addition to info for more than 70 other noteworthy oil spills.


You can use the file to view data about all of the old spills and it gives quite a lot of information about the current (and growing) spill in the Gulf, including a pop-up balloon that gives you a live counter of the estimated size of the spill.
As you browse around the globe you can see the locations of the other major spills, and click them to read about what happened, as well as view photos and stats from them.
You can download the KMZ file here and check it out for yourself.

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  1. I wonder If anyone but me at this point has seriously considered the full dangers..besides the the overlooked letting the of oil way too fast, Causing a enormous Void, So…The Tectonic plates will be shifting way too fast as well causing catastrophic events this may take a while until it gets big enough to cause this effect, but it would seem its getting all the time it needs to do so ,……. Earth Quakes, Tsunamis, exposing volcanic activity, shore lines and Islands peninsulas diapering, mountains popping up fast May God Bless Us All across the US and World!!!

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