Running the Copper Canyon UltraMarathon

From Steven’s “Google Earth my Virtual Globe” blog comes a very creative 3D tour. In the book Born to Run, they discuss “the greatest race”, a 47 mile ultramarathon held in Copper Canyon (in southwestern Chihuahua, Mexico).
However, in all of the book’s discussion of the race, no map or visuals are provided. Using the book and some GPS tracks, Steven has built a virtual tour of the route.


It’s a neat way to visualize a race like that. He even includes an overlay of Arnulfo Quimare “running” the route. A bit cheesy perhaps, but it certainly adds to the experience.
Steven has also done a tour of Disney’s Magic Kingdom, giving you a neat way to experience the park.

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  1. Copper is a former community in Jackson County, Oregon, United States. Copper was located about a mile north of the Oregon-California border, near the mouth of Carberry Creek. Copper was named for the copper mining in the region, including at the Blue Ledge mine just over the state line in California.

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