Google Earth plug-in now tied directly into Google Maps

Google has just unveiled a new feature in Google Maps called “Earth view”. It’s quite simple — there is a new button in Google Maps for “Earth”, which loads the Google Earth Plug-in into your viewing window.


Loading the Earth view gives you almost all of the same features that you get in standard Google Maps. The only exceptions appear to be a few layers (Webcams, Buzz and Bicycling) and the Traffic Info. I’m not sure why those were omitted, but I’m sure we’ll see them added in the future.
You can get directions using the Earth view, and even load your favorite MyMaps in there. Once loaded, toggling back and forth between Maps and Earth is virtually seamless.
For more information, you can read the Google Lat Long blog, watch the video below, or go try it yourself!

About Mickey Mellen

Mickey has been using Google Earth since it was released in 2005, and has created a variety of geo-related sites including Google Earth Hacks. He runs a web design firm in Marietta, GA, where he lives with his wife and two kids.


  1. It’s about time. I couldn’t understand why they didn’t have this from the beginning.

  2. Joao Melo says:

    It’s a very interesting feature and it is surely going to push geo navigation forward because it works in the browser where online users are most of the time.
    But I see a potential friction here with the 3d modelers. Up until now, Google has not provided a way for the modelers to earn any money with theirs works, but at least it gave credit to the modelers in the buildingĀ“s pop-up bubbles in Google Earth standalone.
    But now, in Google maps, this info is totally omitted, there is no pop-up info with the modeling credits nor any information about the buildings. All that talk about smart buildings seams out of place, now they just have totally dumb buildings!
    Being a modeler, I am pissed and I’m now thinking of taking my models out of the 3d layer in GE up until I feel I am properly credited. And Its not just me but some modelers I know.
    So I think Google may have to fight a massive exodus from their modelers that would leave their platform poorer. The buzz blunder was not good for Google’s popularity so they should avoid hurting the modelers community.

  3. I’m another one surprised this wasn’t done when the GE plugin was announced, and I’m glad it’s done now. But for some strange reason the ‘Terrain’ map has been moved under ‘More’ which doesn’t make sense at all since it the same type of action as Map and Satellite. The Terrain layer doesn’t add points of interest over an existing map style, it replaces the tiles altogether. Very poor UI choice for Google.

  4. Joao — This is a temporary issue, and it’s something that Google is aware of. It will be fixed in the near future.

  5. Now I love to see the “map” option from Google Maps available in Google Earth! When working in Google Earth I now have to open Google Maps beside it to see a map of a region. I never understood why this map view isn’t integrated in Google Earth.

  6. Bad idea. My computer doesn’t support it, as it’s too resource-hungry and it takes a lot of time to try to load up before finally coughing and giving me an error message instead.

  7. @Dave, just because your computer isn’t fast enough it doesn’t make this a bad idea. They haven’t taken anything away, they’ve just given another feature for people with faster computers. What’s bad about that?

  8. Great, but unfortunately the streetview icon is missing.

  9. Berseker says:

    As usual, Linux users are cut out of this. Or maybe this I’m wondering why we Linux users have so poor consideration. I could understand some years ago, but nowdays Linux users are growing up at constant rates…

  10. Can ANYONE get this to work using google maps API V3?!?!? I can only find examples of it working in V2. Seems like a big thing to forget to include support for in a major version update…

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