Google Earth in the Audi A8

Late last year, we told you that Audi was working on a car that integrated Google Earth as the base for its navigation system. Yesterday at Where 2.0, a test version of the car was available at the event for us to look at.
Even better, they offered to give me a ride to show me the system in action! It’s quite slick, and certainly better than the standard Garmin/TomTom/etc units on the market.
The video below goes through pretty much the whole system, with Rob Simpson, an engineer at their Palo Alto Research Center providing the answers to our questions. The device is mostly explained in the first few minutes, but check out the entire video if you want to see everything it has to offer.

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  1. Great car

  2. Is that Google earth in car helps to navigate the desired car..? Is it applicable only to designation..?

  3. Wow..awesome car.

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