Google Earth for more Android users

A few months ago, Google released Google Earth for the Nexus One. Now that Android version 2.1 is reaching the Motorola DROID phone, so is Google Earth. In fact, Google Earth will be arriving on most of the high-end Android devices as soon as they reach version 2.1. If your phone is on 2.1, you can download Google Earth for free by going to from your mobile browser, or by searching for “Google Earth” in the Android Market.
The only phones that won’t be able to run Google Earth are those that lack hardware floating-point acceleration, such as the myTouch 3G and the DROID ERIS. Most others can handle it once they get the 2.1 update.
Here is video of Google Earth running on the Nexus One, which is essentially the same version that is now running on the DROID;

Of course, you can always get the Google Earth Blog app on virtually any Android device to keep up with our latest posts, videos and tweets. Just search for “Google Earth Blog” in the Android Market to find us.

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Mickey has been using Google Earth since it was released in 2005, and has created a variety of geo-related sites including Google Earth Hacks. He runs a web design firm in Marietta, GA, where he lives with his wife and two kids.


  1. Love it. I’m going to try this today. when Android first came out I knew Google would push the envelope of Cell Phone function.

  2. I have seen google earth on the htc desire from youtube, why cant i get it on my htc desire? Im uk and with the orange network, does the network have something to do with it? Would be great if i can get this sorted, thanks.

  3. Chris — The software only works on phones running Android version 2.1. What version is on your Desire? (settings –> about phone –> Firmware version)

  4. Chris Martin says:

    I’m in the UK and have just got a Desire on Vodafone. I’ve checked the software version and it is 2.1 update 1. Do you know why I cant get Google Earth?

  5. Hehe, this is stupid! I and a lot others it seems bought the HTC Desire with android 2.1 and Google earth won’t install! Not to be found in the market or any other place! This is a joke!
    More info on the subject:

  6. Carlos Abreu says:

    I’m very disappointed that Google Earth won’t run on my HTC Hero running Android 2.1. I wonder what other surprises are in store.

  7. Still no google earth ..
    Htc desire here with 2.1
    What happened? Is google blocking htc’s desire because it’s similarity with n1 or what? It doesn’t make much sense…

  8. cliff dangers says:

    I bought my desire in Korea and it came preloaded with google earth. I recently did a phone reset and now it’s gone. There must be somewhere to get it back because it clearly worked flawlessly on my phone.

  9. i am htc desire user, i want to install the google earth on it, but the installation fails everytime, suggest me something.

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