3dBizMap launches first city – El Segundo, CA

A few days ago, CyberCity 3D unveiled 3DBizMap, a slick way to showcase your city using the Google Earth Plug-in.
Today, they’re unveiling the first city that’s using the technology: El Segundo, CA.


This could be a great feature to add to any website focused on a particular city — government sites, travel, etc. It’s quite slick.
In the case of El Segundo, they’ve added a variety of layers to the 5,166 3D models in the city to showcase business listings, city news, and even embedded YouTube videos.
You can check out their blog for more info, or below is the full text of their press release from this morning:

El Segundo, CA- CyberCity 3D announced today the launch of 3DBizMap.com for El Segundo, CA–the first scalable, web-based, economic development portal designed to assist city and urban growth efforts.
CyberCity 3D, a 3D-geospatial application service provider headquartered in El Segundo, CA, built this innovative web portal utilizing 3D buildings, city information, and business content to display on Google Earth™ through the Google Earth™ API plug-in.

The 3DBizMap can be used to attract new businesses, enhance and promote a city, and provide current businesses with local marketing and advertising opportunities.
Key features of the City of El Segundo site (www.3dbizmap.com/elsegundo) include: 5,166 3D city models and building customization, business listings, business search, links to business websites, “real time” building space availability, video through YouTube™, and up-to-date city news.

“3D is a groundbreaking approach that not only showcases our existing businesses and amenities, but entices prospective, new enterprises to come here,” said El Segundo Assistant City Manager Bill Crowe. “What better way to promote El Segundo, ‘The City That Invests in You’.”

CyberCity 3D customizes its engaging, template-based 3DBizMap.com websites for each city, creating a geospatial 3D city model that’s deployed on Public Google Earth™ through the Google Earth™ API plug-in. It then hosts the website portal that integrates city business data on the 3D built environment on www.3DBizMap.com/cityname. Hosting services include database management and updates as well as monthly city data reports that provide portal search and link histories.

The business map portal is a logical extension of CyberCity 3D’s business, extending city map data to web 3D environments.

“Our 3D portals visually represent each city in an engaging and immersive way,” states Jackie Murphy, CyberCity 3D’s Director of Product Management. “The 3DBizMap gives cities the opportunity to be innovative in delivering their city data to the public.”

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  1. This should help me to find my wallet.

  2. George Eliot says

    I predict the top users of this system will be tax collectors for increasing “revenue.”

  3. Paul van Dinther says

    Sorry, a negative comment from me. I don’t like it.
    The “content” is totally meaningless. I want to know where I can park, how long, where is the public toilets. What time is the post-office open. Actually, where is the post office. What businesses are there, what do they do, links to their web-sites, photos, products street view of their shop. Basically, on a map like this I expect information.
    It looks like another “look ma, I can do 3D” project that is just another re-hash of the Google Maps with new icons and a fancy menu system which could be done better too if the Google api was employed better.
    To top it off, I take offence to the city slogan “The city that invests in you” Yeah sure, with what money? Indeed, the tax payers money they just took. The sad uninspired result is obvious.

  4. I am proposing to do the same type of presentation to the City Of Sonoma in California.

  5. Mickey, yes, this is very interesting indeed. I can see the data layers over the physical city. We talked about augmented reality earlier today. I see ink becoming electron, storybooks becoming games, and the cameras on mobile devices will be our eyes to this data-layered reality.

  6. 3D map? This is interesting. This could be important for local marketing. By looking at all those icons, customers will know what kind of business is that easily. I heard about a website called majon.com could also help local business get enough attention too. Some of my friends have business in NYC are using their professional help to develop their local business, getting a lot of attention!

  7. The 3D design is awesome. For viewing large objects from a smaller angle is a great ideas. btw, I click on the 3d blog post and notice the link is broken. No matter, I just went directly to their website, cybercity3d. I saw their 3d gallery. Their gallery only shows large development projects, I wonder if they have 3D designs for smaller projects like houses. After all, its more common to know someone who needs to build a home and need some 3d design for their interior and exterior, as appose to someone who is going to develop an entire building or neighborhood.

PLEASE NOTE: Google Earth Blog is no longer writing regular posts. As a result, we are not accepting new comments or questions about Google Earth. If you have a question, use the official Google Earth and Maps Forums or the Google Earth Community Forums.