Remarkable 3D models in Spain

Here’s a quick video tour of some new 3D models in San Sebastian-Donostia, Spain, created by SketchUp user Gipuzkoa3d. He built the movie, which shows off models that he and others have created.
Update: The video was removed from YouTube (I have no idea why), but you can still view the awesome models using the KML file below.
To get there you can search for “San Sebastian-Donostia, Spain” in Google Earth, or just use this KML file.


(via SketchUp Island)

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  1. Youtube says: The video is no longer available…

  2. Donostia (San Sebastián) is in Euskadi (Basque Country). One of its province is Gipuzkoa, where most of the population wants the independence of Euskadi from Spain.
    If you refer to Donostia as “Spain”, obviously you are offending the user and he prefer to remove the video before someone refer to hir creations as “Spain”.
    Same from Catalonia. As it’s commont to see in Basque Country and Catalonia “We are not Spain”.

  3. Andrea Parmeggiani says:

    Seeing this model into Google Earth is a cathartic experience!!

  4. Paul van Dinther says:

    Fantastic model. It really shows what can be achieved when you work with the hi-res elevation data available in this area.
    Google needs to consider the option to allow model files to modify the underlying terrain elevation data so that excavations and detailed surface modelling become possible in any location.
    I am going to space navigator around this model for a while

  5. Paul van Dinther says:

    I could not help myself. I used PlanetInAction “ships” to try to squeeze the small canal boat into port. See here how I did (
    Also for those without SpaceNavigator device. Try to swoop around the site in “Places”. I made you a tour but feel free to record your own and share it.

  6. Marc B:
    Curiously, actually the Socialist Party, the same party of the President of the Goverment of Spain, rules in the Donostia´s city hall and the regional parlament…this can provide you and idea of the majority of basques who want to be independents of Spain. This is the reality.

  7. @Marc B. I’m from San Sebastian, Spain. Speak from yourself and don’t bring here your frustration. What you say is simply a lie.

  8. What an amazing place! San Sebastian.
    Not only all 3d fine building models have been built, but also combined with the high-precision terrain, I I decided to make this “San Sebastian GE 3d tour”( share the Chinese Geomancy Geography said “a excellent place” with everyone.

  9. What a remarkable model and such great quality.
    Muy bien.

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