New StreetView imagery – March 11

Google has just released what appears to be another substantial batch of StreetView imagery. Thanks to a few tips (thanks ‘Duncan’ and ‘Munden’), we know about a lot of areas already.

Walkers Stadium

Updated areas include: [UPDATED 8:51am EST, 11-March]
Hong Kong and Macau: Details
Northern Ireland
UK: Leicester and Leicestershire, among others.
You can browse StreetView using the normal Google Maps interface, but don’t forget that you can also use StreetView inside of Google Earth.
If you know of any more updated areas, please leave a comment and let us know!

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  1. I was going to give you a heads up about the UK release yesterday, but thought you might have already heard. Many people claiming 95% of the UKs roads are now covered. Spent most of the morning touring the Scottish Highlands. Only finding the odd street now not covered. Impressive!

  2. Gideon Smythe says:

    Wow. Pretty much all of the SE of England is covered, it seems.

  3. Exactly, this is pretty much whole UK coverage, not just a few counties.

  4. For the Netherlands, it’s at least the province of Limburg which got imagery. Previously, only the highway A4 had it, now all the small streets as well.

  5. its about 90 to 95 per cent UK coverage according to several reports. all the way from Lands End in Cornwall right up to the Shetland Islands.
    very impressive.

  6. Good StreetView imagery. England is covered.

  7. A while ago, new street view imagery was added to Nova Scotia, Canada, east of Halifax.

  8. The massive leap in SV coverage of the UK – everywhere, including the remote Highlands and Islands of Scotland, some parts not yet in high res on GE – must put the country among the most comprehensively covered anywhere.
    If you look at western Europe in Google Maps to get an overview of SV coverage, the Netherlands now seems to be as comprehensively covered, with extensive (new?) cover in France, Spain, Italy, and even parts of Norway. Germany now stands out as resistant to SV, but it will be interesting to see if complaints about intrusion into privacy surface in the media elsewhere.

  9. Boston is getting a veeeeery slow update. It’s like they add one intersection a day. Thats right, just the intersections, everything else still has the 3 year old image.

  10. When is it South Afica’s turn. I heard the Streetview guys were spotted, but I still don’t see anything. The 2010 world cup starts in less than 100 days, they must hurry up! Your blog should do a feature on the stadiums that were build for 2010. I saw they have 3D models for all. I can help if you need their locations!

  11. I bet they are going to publish South Africa’s StreetView in May or June. Similiar like Vancouver Winter Olympics just few weeks ago.

  12. Google should expand the United States further because areas such as Los Angeles Greater Area, California have a lot of gaps, and I live in Huntington Beach, California, which has lots of gaps in Street View. There should also be extended coverage in Mount Baldy, as the imagery only goes to just above the city of Mount Baldy, and I want it to go toward Mount San Antonio so I can do an extended Street View trip to Mount Baldy.

  13. central Scotland is also covered

  14. quite amazing imagery in Central Scotland.
    I´ve been visiting old haunts as I no longer stay in the area.It´s really weired seeing places you wandered in years ago,,not only that they have photographed a lot of small country roads that I know on a very beautiful sunny day .Brilliant!

  15. I love streetview finally hitting the Netherlands. But I would like it to include more streets. Like in Roermond the streets in the pedestrian-zone are not included yet. And those are the streets where most of the shops are located.

  16. The same pedestrian zones are missing in Sittard.

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