Models and Maps for NC State Centennial

We’ve talked about Concept3D on here a few times in the past. They’ve modeled Tiger Woods’ home in Sweden and Boston University, and they have a variety of ways to work with you on your own project.
Their latest is North Carolina State Centennial, and it’s another spectacular piece of work.

NC State

You can check out their slick interface, which uses the Google Earth Plug-in and adds a variety of useful layers, by clicking this link. If you’d rather fly there in Google Earth and check it out, here is a KML file for you.
For even more, you can watch the two videos they’ve produced that show off the campus:

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  1. very cool. I graduated NC State about 5 years too early to really take advantage of any of the new academic buildings, although I did intern at two different businesses on the campus.
    Would be nice if the buildings were labeled or had temporary pop-up labels in the fly-through.

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