Frank’s kite imagery of Petite Tabac is now in Google Earth

Back in January, we showed you the incredible photos that Frank took while visiting the island of Petite Tabac. You might recognize it as one of the islands used in “Pirates of the Caribbean”, as seen below:


As part of the imagery update last week, Frank’s photos were added to the primary layer in Google Earth!
If you look close (as seen in the image below), you’ll see their dinghy (“Coconut”) and you can see Frank standing on the beach just east of there!
Petite Tabac

Here is a KML file to fly you directly to the island so you can see it for yourself.
He also shot a pretty cool 360° panorama while he was there, which you can check out on his blog.
This isn’t the first time his photos landed in Google Earth. Last November, some of his other kite imagery also made it into Google Earth.

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  1. A little clarification, it’s the island of “Petit Tabac” (small tobacco, not “Petite Tabac.
    Tobacco is masculine in french 😉

  2. I am very interested in contributing to Google Earth planar panoramas of archaeological sites. The panoramas are created by means of kite aerial photography (KAP). If anyone has information on how I can go about submitting these panoramas to Google Earth, I would be very grateful.

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