Athens goes 3D

With the Winter Olympics wrapping up, Google thought it’d be fun to revisit the site of the first modern Olympic games. They’ve added detailed 3D coverage to the city, with thousands of buildings now showing off sharp 3D models.

Athens, Greece

They provide a list of fun places to check out, such as the Parthenon and the Herodeion Theater. If you can’t load it up now, check out the video below of a short tour:

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  1. Claus1221 says:

    Omg, I did not know that Athens is that a big city. Looks amazing!

  2. WOW, I have some questions to the 3D Citys:
    -Which people building this?
    -How many works on this and how long?
    -Are they using the “Building Maker” or have they a special tool?
    -Or is there someting automatic?
    Anyone have a Idea?

  3. Nils – They have software that autogenerates many of the buildings, though they include SketchUp and Building Maker generated buildings quite often as well.

  4. It’s an amazing 3D,thanks for sharing this valuable resource.

  5. The 3D version is gorgeous! It’s always nice to see the city in a different perspective.

  6. Wow excellent post.I mean Athens is a great city but it’s really looks stunning in 3D.

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